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GIST - September/October 2002 Issue
I Love Gadgets

Herb     AS I see gadgets displayed in advertisements or in a store window, I am delighted as I study each one and consider how it can be used. The more imaginative the gadget the better. Imaginative creations by scientific inventors, by daydreamers, by ingenious thinkers na´ve perhaps, but one and all having fun and being themselves.
     To love gadgets is fun. To play with these gadgets is exciting. 
     However, the most exciting thing about gadgets--for me--is when I have purchased them, played with them, and understood them as fully as I choose--and then I give them away.
     I do not give the gadgets away because they are no good or because I have tired of playing with them, rather I give these imaginative things away because my greatest joy is in amusing someone else with something that gave me real pleasure.
     Everyone does not instantly thrill with my "toys" and as I give these inspired gifts to them, often they are not amused. Often the receiver of my token of affection finds it a bother and says "No thanks!" to me for my sharing.
     I give the gift regardless. I do not give a gift to another because I feel they need my gift or that my gift will be well received. I give gifts which amuse me, which delight my fancy, which bring me pleasure. If the gift delights another or not is of no consequence to me. I give to share my delight in the act of sharing and giving.
     In the same way I receive gifts not because I need something or because I proudly proclaim my grand thank you for the gift. If I say nothing at all about the gift, accepting it reluctantly if at all, the gift is in the giving, not in the receiving. As I learned this lesson I learned to give gifts ONLY that delight and amuse me--this being so, the gift has fulfilled its purpose.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle