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GIST - December 2002 Issue
The Miracle Of Unconditional Love

     YOU WOULD THINK that Disneyland is not the place to expect miracles--maybe except the miracle of childlike joy that embraces every person entering this place.
     Jennifer is no exception. The child in her thoroughly enjoys the sights, the sounds, the fairy tales, the incredible imagination that seems so harmonious with her childlike spirit. With a swift readiness and a big inner laughter she throws all the worries and concerns into the pirate’s faces as she enters their underworld in the Caribbean. She rides a daring roller coaster to the sound of Swiss Alpine music and is catapulted into outer space with the sound of roaring rockets. Her heart joyfully opens to the dancing puppets as the boat gently sways her through their Small Small World. She smiles into innumerable happy faces, eats cotton candy and popcorn and shakes hands with Pluto and Goofy.
     Then as the witching hour of closing approaches she delights in the sight of an empty chair in the crowded Café on Main street, singled out just for her. With a sigh of relief she relaxes on the seat and contentedly sips her Café Latte.
     A smiling young mother pushes a pram with her toddler daughter between the tables. She is obviously looking for someone who is not there yet. She retires to the wall right in front of Jennifer, ready for a wait. Her curly blond daughter does not mind either, she merrily plays with a little container of fruit candies, pushing around bananas, apples, oranges and pears. 
     Smilingly the child looks up at a table where an old man is sitting. His back is cowered over the table. His face is hidden in his chest as if he were infinitely tired. The little girl persistently looks at him sending her love, an invisible spell to lift his face and look at her. 
     She wins. With slow laborious movements the man looks up, his face still tired and forlorn. The girls face brightens with joy. She reaches into her candy box and holds out a little yellow banana candy to him. The man bends toward her accepting the gift with a shaky hand--and then the miracle happens. He sits up and still looking at the girl his face breaks into a big smile and his back stretches as if moved by an invisible power. For another second or two the two look at each other and the world melts into one sparkling rainbow. 
     Then each returns to their own world. But the spell lingers on.
     The room seems brighter and more cheerful and it is not because of the Christmas lights that start to illumine the darkening streets.
     For a moment the miracle of oneness has touched this man and reminded him that the immortal, unconditional love of a child he just found for a moment lives in him eternally too.

-Dr Sylvia M Enz