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GIST - December 2002 Issue


    THE HERMITAGE! A place of retreat. A place of seclusion. A place of introspection. A place of aloneness. A place of miracles. A place of recognizing the most profound bliss. This is my new home on campus.
     Formerly I lived in the Embassy. I designed the Embassy and created it to function perfectly. I built the Embassy on campus to be the operations headquarters of the dean--that’s me! 
     A more glorious "house" and "building" cannot be imagined. It has a lovely blue carpet that invites sitting, meditating and sleeping. It is radiant in its feeling of inner peace. It has completeness to it. 
     Its many thousands of square feet include the Embassy Cathedral in which are held church services, seminars and retreats. The Jermini Chapel invites quiet moments of profound introspection and the semblance of bliss for all who have trained themselves in truly letting go. The kitchen-breakfast-dining rooms are the scene of lavish meals served by the world’s most resplendent chefs who delight to prepare and serve the campus cuisine. 
     From the Broadcasting Room the Internet is fed the blessings, lectures, seminars and talks of the Staff of God Unlimited/ University of Healing on a daily basis. Daily people join our email Thought for Today reaching thousands of households and businesses. The letters we receive of changed and illumined lives are rewarding. 
     I have moved to the Hermitage. The office and counseling rooms are now used by the President, Chairman of the Board, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer and green thumb of campus, Dr Ellen Jermini. 
Acres are fenced-in immediately surrounding the Embassy for the formal gardens and pond created by campus staff. Dr Jermini takes her spare moments to bless the abundant flowers, the rose garden and the beautiful green lawn.
     A four-car garage with remote controlled electronic doors on both ends houses some of the cars of the UNI. The garage is walled with birch cabinets for storage. Its tiled floor makes it a beautiful room as well as garage inviting many other activities.
     The fun-est room of the Embassy is the massive indoor gym with its swimming pool, called a Swimex, where one swims against a current from zero to ten miles an hour. In another corner of the gym is a Jacuzzi capable of holding seven guests. Two exercycles entertain the muscles of the gym users. Showers and restroom facilities line one wall of the room festooned with dozens of flamboyant plants. This room gets lots of use by all students and staff on a regular and planned basis.
     The Embassy is bursting with activities.
     Why would anyone ever want to leave such a glorious activity center? I thought it was time Dr Jermini had a go at this lovely house. She has moved in as its master/mistress and in the short time she has been in "her" house, her personality has exploded all over the place and the house exudes her charm.
     The Hermitage! A place of retreat. A place of seclusion. A place of introspection. A place of aloneness. A place of miracles. A place of recognizing the most profound bliss. This is my new home on campus.
     I moved into the Hermitage. The Hermitage was built in 1948. A small structure 27 feet by 16 feet which for a while housed all of the campus activities. Unbelievably for so small a structure many people lived in the building and operated the campus from its center. 
     Little by little mobile homes were added to a flourishing campus for the growing group of monks who operated the Absolute Monastery and the Church of God Unlimited, University of Healing, Univer- sity of Philosophy, School of the Master, Worldwide Healing Ministry and Seminars Unlimited throughout the world.
     Neighboring land and buildings were purchased enlarging the campus to its present 104 acres. Presently the campus has the Monastery, Embassy, Citadel, Hermitage, Oasis, Shangri-la, six retreats, a motor home and a host of meditation paths which for miles leisurely criss-cross the campus and the adjacent public lands bordering on Mexico and the Campo Indian Reservation.
     The Hermitage has had many changes to it over the years and an addition or two back in the 50’s brought it to its present size. 
     From the three sliding glass patio windows, and four other windows the California sunshine blesses every inch of the Hermitage. A comfortable thick blue carpet graces the now level floor throughout in the office and kitchen area, as well as the bathroom.
     A well appointed white birch desk with its credenza fills one corner of the room. The satellite connection to the internet and three telephone lines join the activities of the Hermitage with the rest of the world. 
     From the Hermitage I write the books for the courses of the UNIs and the GIST. Here Unlimited Seminars are created and prepared to be presented throughout the world. Here the programs of the campus are defined. Here the School of the Master is operated with each nuance deftly crafted to allow each participant to arrive at his highest and best--his divine self.
     In high gear now are the training programs of the University of Philosophy. This university and its colleges draw upon a reservoir of wisdom and talent available to everyone. Presently I have the privilege of being the channel through which this information is provided. However, our students who have so exquisitely prepared themselves are now ready to write required reading books for the UNI. The UNI speaks to the absolute in each of us.
     Writing to the absolute in each of us is an uncommon experience and takes a little concentration. It requires an onepointedness seldom found in humanity since humanity tends toward the relative which finds seeing absolute difficult. However, it is being done by students of the University of Healing and the University of Philosophy. Our monks have a deep introspective awareness which is expressing very well.
     My joy is to work with the monks and their writings preparing them to take their qualified place in the University of Philosophy field of literature.
     For the past 29 months I have published The Relative in the GIST, the undergraduate textbook of the University of Philosophy. One more chapter this month. Readers from around the world have telephoned on a daily basis confiding how important that book is to their spiritual growth. I love it!
     Out of the meditative stillness of the Hermitage I will provide many more books for our students and readers. There are four manuscripts waiting to be put into type and made available to our UNI readers. It will be done!
     How great it is to be able to move into such a perfect ivory tower from which to write what has been for so long on my mind.
I am sprinkling pictures of the Hermitage into this article for your enjoyment and my pleasure. Pictures from inside, outside and the surrounding countryside. It is a joy and a pleasure to share it all.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle