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GIST - May/June 2003 Issue
Let Go And Let God

Ellen      FROM MY metaphysical studies I am familiar with the statement: let go and let god; but what does this really mean? 
     I was about six years old when I learned to swim. We lived across from the public swimming pool where in summer I spent many delightful hours practicing swimming. 
     One day my mother watched me while I was trying my wings. Like a little frog I pushed myself through the shallow water where many children plashed and played and had fun bathing. Easily my feet reached the ground and I felt very comfortable in and with the water.
     However mother thought I could do better. Dynamic and determined as she was, she called, "Ellen, come and swim with me in the big 4 meter deep basin." Of course she read my fleeting thoughts but with her motherly caring words: You can do it, I instantly jumped into the deep water confidently swimming next to her. Right away I felt the deep water carrying my body as I gently moved my arms and legs in rhythm with my quiet breathing. Full of joy and energy I arrived at the other side of the Olympic pool--of course eager to swim back to my starting point. I made it as I let go and let god--no concern! It was forever done! I knew swimming!
     Here at the University of Healing we have healing requests from around the world. People like to know how to swim through life. Recently Leslie called our World Wide Healing Ministry and asked how to live a wealthy life.
     The following evening Carmen called. She asked to pray with her for a harmonious relationship with her children. 
     Another lady cried as she asked for prayer to be whole and perfect.
     For a counselor or a minister it is easy to say: Let go and let god.  But HOW comes as a natural question from the searching one.
     For each above case the principle works in the same way. What do I want to experience? The solution is in the question.
     I want to swim!
     I want to be wealthy.
     I want harmony with my children.
     I want to be whole and perfect--No, No, No!
As long as I say I want, I do not experience my dream. Letting go and let god means NOW!  It is done NOW. Therefore I onepointedly say: I swim, I am wealthy, and I am whole and perfect. In the here and now, the only existing time.
     I am relaxed and in peace as I make my power.

-Dr Ellen Jermini