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GIST - May/June 2003 Issue
Just Where I Am


DREAMING IS THE fabric of my human makeup. Knowing- ness is the fabric of my spiritual reality. I like to dream and imagine how life would be like under different circumstances. When I know who and what I am, my only desire is to be myself, just the way I am, just where I am, for I have chosen this lifestyle and lifeplace for my revelation of the divine within.

I Want To Come To America

     I HAVE THE privilege of traveling the world giving seminars on positive thinking and positive living. It is a wonderful sharing time and I meet hundreds no, thousands of ex- ceptional exciting brilliant spiritually illumined men, women and children.
     Naturally I see the television reports from around the world. I am aware of what people are doing in Europe, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France and all of the euro states and it is inviting. I look at the rustic ancient city of Prague and how romantic it looks. Japan with its excitement and newness rivaling Korea. The bull fights in Spain, the fishing in Greece and the Vatican in Rome. China with its mystic great wall and its inscrutable people. The Asian world with its cultural magic encouraging tourism. America with its glamour, the wonder of its buildings, its diverse people living together harmoniously, its opportunities for visitors and immigrants unimaginably tempting. Anywhere other than where I live, for I have been there and done that and it is not as interesting as somewhere else. 
     My feet just want to hit the road and allow my mind and my body to absorb all of this fascination bubbling forth throughout the world. 
As a child in Wauwatosa Wisconsin a suburb of the famous Milwaukee, I loved my home. I loved the city of my birth and revelation. It was a time before the Second World War smack in the middle of the depression years. However I did not know this. We had love in our family and whatever was necessary to live. 
     A cultural melting pot of society, Milwaukee had immigrants and recent citizens from European countries. Each group--Irish, Polish, German, Italian, Swiss and others--sought to live in its own area of its own people. Only as the children went to school and were brought into contact with the larger society did we know of these "other" people from outside of our "city" and land.
     As children we accepted one another and did not have cultural ties that limited us from associating with the wider segment of society. In school we found our "level" of competence and associated with boys and girls who had similar interests. We were a motley diverse group. The only thing that separated us was when we did something our "friends" did not approve of our doing in their presence. I loved this growing up time. I knew nothing but the five to ten mile perimeter of my home. It was a good life.
     With the advent of the war the young men of the world went to places unimaginable. A song was current, "How you going to keep them down on the farm, after they've seen Paris?" Actually of the thousands of men and women to travel the world in the military, only a small percent wanted to travel more. For most of us, having seen other areas of the world through the eyes of war, famine, destruction and disease—home was a pretty wonderful place.
     As I travel the world now giving seminars I meet aspirants who would themselves travel the world. They would like to "come to America" and "study" and "play." Sounds wonderful. However, in the same breath these aspirants have no money, want to be supported by someone else and are not even familiar with why they want to study abroad. 
     People who want to study abroad usually have a purpose and program. With this plan they would study in the university and gain a scholarship based on their intense desire to learn in that field for which their scholarship is awarded. From my own experience, I know that I have changed the field of my specialty a number of times until I found my present work. I was 48 when I finally decided to take all of the learning and intuition I had and apply it to that which was closest to my heart: Being myself and having fun.
     My heart goes out to the dozens of men and women and children I have met over the years of my travels who wanted to come to America. Basically they wanted to come to America because it sounded like the land of milk and honey, not really the land of opportunity.
     I am very clear to all of the many beloved men, women and children I have greeted worldwide that if they have a desire they can fulfill that desire just where they are. They can have the "dream" of their heart manifest just where they are.
     However, they cite to me the limitations. I cite to them the reality of the thousands of men and women and children living in dire straits that have come forth with a dream for themselves and walked directly into it just where they were.
     To be a doctor. Study in your homeland and be trained in the needs of your community. As desired, study abroad, but first prove yourself to be a workman who needeth not be ashamed--you are dedicated to your craft.
     I love being a miracle being just where I am. It is the most rewarding and exciting adventure I could think for myself. 
     With the University of Healing I work with students worldwide who seek to study here. I give out hundreds of scholarships. Forbiddingly only a dedicated few fulfill their program. Sometimes they stop and start, sometimes there are years between when they return, but at least fifty percent of our scholarships are fulfilled. More than this I cannot do since I have the scholarships sponsored by the Church of God Unlimited. While I get many contributions to our scholarship program it does not come near the requests. I do my best.
     Anyone who sincerely wants to walk their spiritual path, be themselves and have fun, will find an eager sponsor in me. These are the people who have chosen to be born where they are, to live where they are, and to share from where they are!

African Candidates for Wholeness

     I HAVE TWELVE candidates from Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon who are eagerly awaiting the possibility of coming to the campus of the University of Healing to be an on-campus student in the UNI.
     The campus of the UNI is not designed for live-in students. I have designed campus life for live-in monks; people who have taken and completed the undergraduate college of the UNI and are both familiar with the philosophy and the strict program followed by the monks on their spiritual path. 
     If a student has not completed the undergraduate program I discourage them from coming to campus. The Absolute Monastery campus is in a constant state of meditation. There are no vacations. No time to go to town and integrate with America. There is no time to read newspapers or magazines, listen to the radio or watch television. Now and then a selected positive video is presented. With clothing optional monks dress according to their comfort, the weather and their task. 
     There is a constant--ever changing--daily monastery schedule. This is a model program:
     4:30 am, prepare breakfast; 4:55 prebreakfast meditation; 5:00 breakfast; 5:30 cleanup breakfast; 5:45 shower in gymnasium; 5:55 brush teeth; 6:00 gym schedule-rotating 15 minutes by each monk on each of the items, Swimex, Jacuzzi, stationary bicycle and pull machine; 7:00 clean gym; 7:10 shower; 7:15 walk three mile meditation path through the mountains; 8:15 meditation; 8:20 introspection; 8:50 Om in Embassy Cathedral; 9:00 Monk Ellen gives Monk Talk; 9:15 Dean Dr Herbert L Beierle gives Thought For Today; 9:30 study time; 10:00 UNI work schedule; 11:55 meditate; 12:00 lunch; 12:30 Monk Ingeborg gives Monk Talk; 12:40 Dean gives Instant Inspiration; 12:55 introspection; 1:25 brush teeth; 1:30 cleanup; 1:45 study time; 2:15 UNI work schedule; 6:15 meditation; 6:25 dinner; 7:00 Monk Sylvia gives Monk Talk; 7:10 Dean gives Instant Inspiration; 7:30 brush teeth; 7:35 cleanup; 7:50 study time; 8:20 bed.
     This proves to be a very full and demanding program. Illumination and healings happen continually for the dedicated monks and guests.
Dr Ellen Jermini and I travel the world and are so vital and filled with the spirit of joy that everyone feels that if this is what the campus is all about, they want to have a part of it. 
     Now a little area of the program that is not thought about by most people: payment! For visitors it costs them $50 a day donation including their food and bed. For novitiate monks who spend the first year on campus to see if this is suitable for them and for us, they provide a donation of $1,000 monthly and live a strict program and maintain their own medical insurance and clothing. After they become monks they give all their earthly possessions to the Monastery and are taken care of by the Monastery. The Monastery does not have a budget to support individuals who cannot support themselves.
     The Monastery and the UNI are not a place to run away from life. It is not a place of healing done by others, healings are all done by us.
     Africa is not the only place where finances are in point, this takes place around the world. However, a student on the spiritual path can be as financially responsible as a person in any other walk of life. It is always our choice and our direction.

Luna is a
Jack Russell Terrier

     LUNA IS A very special dog. She is the pet of UNI student Rev Gertrud Suter in Ebmatingen Switzerland. Before Luna came to the Suter home, the house was an active center of two vital grandchildren, her two sons and their families, her business associates whom seem to have multiplied exponentially since her retirement several years ago, her gospel choir work, her computer wizardry and a very active person in many other areas including bike riding around the lake and cross country skiing.
As wonderful as her grandchildren are, Luna comes first. Luna gets her several long and special walks daily, Luna is driven to the lake for a walk around the lake, Luna is a welcome guest in everyone's home, Luna has a number of eager dog-sitters instantly available to care for her. Luna is the prize pooch in doggy school where her antics and training are applauded by one and all, including the other pets.
     Luna will have a dog's life and dog's life tenure. But retired educator Gertrud is an avid reader and is up on the latest information about good health for pets. In the March 2003 National Geographic in reading "The Skinny on Aging" she found that by restricting calories from a mouse added two years to their three-year-life span. She noted neurobiologist at the National Institute on Aging NIA 45-year-old Mark Mattson is using himself as a guinea pig for the past decade and eats one-third fewer calories than the average person. He is 5'9" and weighs 120 pounds and is healthy as can be. So Luna too is on a very special diet, being weighed daily so as not to increase in weight over her given norm. Of course Gertrud is practicing this for herself too and she looks and feels magnificent.
     Life is filled with experimentation. Each of us seeks out our own. Gertrud was guided to the path she is taking and she is diligent in carrying out the program. Is it for me or you? For the moment it is for Gertrud and Luna.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle