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GIST - September/October 2003 Issue
Animals Are My Mirror

Ellen      With joy in my heart I awaken each morning after a night of deep relaxing fulfilling meditation and happily greet my day singing, Oh what a wonderful morning, oh what a wonderful day, I have such a wonderful feeling, everything is going my way.

How can I ever give this daily early morning performance to myself and my world and know that it is true? I know I am the creator of my life, all I see is my mirror including all animals-pets, flowers, trees and all whom create in my world.

Our 104 acre UNI property in the high desert of California is home and playground for all styles of wildlife. One of the cutest creatures hopping along my meditation walks are rabbits. They sit quietly right in the middle of my path as though being in deep meditation—undisturbed by my presence. Their ears stand up straight, alert to any outlandish sound while their deep brown eyes are alert to their environment. They look charming and tame and are reflecting peace on my meditation walk.

During certain seasons of the year these bunnies appear to be everywhere as they proliferate to unsurprisingly offering exquisite meals to their "bigger friends." This is part of nature and I give it no further thought. I am untouched.

However, the story sounds different when my two dogs, 7-year-old Button, the black-white Miniature Schnauzer and 4-year-old Little Love, the lustrous black-tan Miniature Pinscher, dash out the house to chase invading rabbits in their garden. Button and Love are the guardian angels of the Embassy house and its one acre fenced garden where I live with my two pets. Here I have created for the two doggies a large playground and their free run. Of course they are always ready to chase anything and anyone who enters their territory. Both work as an exquisite team. Little Love is the vigilant instigator of their hilarious hunt in which they often try to even involve me.

Love, the Mini Pin—known as an alert watch dog with his inordinately keen sense of hearing-is quick to give warning signs for Button, a rather ideal balanced yet vivacious pet. His introspective calm nature shows an untouchability to his little brother Love who often invites him to play and have fun. Relaxed and on top of his world, master Button only reacts when it is his choice. One of his choices is chasing rabbits especially invading rabbits.

Still babies, the little bunnies creep through the tiny fence holes of our garden to nibble on the generously nurtured juicy grass. Though their mommies surely told them to not be tempted by the delicious food next door, they soon learn the reason why she makes her wise recommendation. After Little Love alarms the trespassers and his brother Button, with shrill barking, my two innocent gentle pets change into two wild animals. In their protective way, they dash out through the doggy door to take care of their yard. If the baby rabbits are alert, fast and smart, they find their direct way out of the garden and are safe.

However, the other morning it happens that the two dogs were faster than the rabbit. In an instant the little invader was caught. Victoriously Button and Love brought their prey to me, reluctant to let it go. They hold onto it strongly knowing that it does little good since I am determined to save the rabbit. Then with one of my determined "Let go!" they both gave in and their exciting game is over.

Animals are my mirror? How often do I run behind things, credits and fame and hold on to those limitations which smudge my mirror? A waste of time!

Letting my inner diamond sparkle forth through thoughts, words and actions of truth, the world is truly what it is a pure mirror. Then I close my day with my favored song,

Now I am only perfection, and I'm perfect in every way.

Each time I look in the mirror, I see only god in me.

To know me is to love me, I know I am god, god I am.

Now I am only perfection and I'm perfect in every way. Now I am only perfection and I'm perfect in every way.

Now I know I am god, god I am.

Now I know I am god, god I am.

-Dr Ellen Jermini