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GIST - September/October 2003 Issue
Establish A New Flow


     To succeed in any goal establish a new flow. While attending the 88th International New Thought Alliance congress in Phoenix Arizona I overheard a group of ladies insisting that there should be color representation on the congress board. One of the women insisted that this was necessary for full representation of those of color in the alliance. She indicated the board should invite color on the board.

I butted in and told the ladies that this was not a beneficial or positive way to go about getting representation. I said representation for representation sake was not enough. It would be easy to have some lack-a-luster representatives on the board who were of color and still nothing would come out of their presence.

There are many thoughtful and imaginative people of color who are not on the board. If they were, a broader scope of attitudes would prevail and creative representation would be active.

In a huff, the leader of the discussion turned away and said it cannot work that way. "We have to get in there and fight for our rights."

Color being represented on the board is certainly not the question. One representative is already there. The question is: How can we have the best possible people with the interests of everyone in the organization be on the board to decide on the highest and best for INTA?

If the legislative bodies in city, county, state, nation and international groups were decided solely on getting all "groups" represented in each counsel, we would not necessarily have the best people available, we would indeed have cliques standing together and working together for their individual purposes and not for the benefit of the people over whom they create rules for living.

In all governing bodies are needed people who have the "will of the people governed" uppermost in their minds and hearts. Those governing must "know" what the people at large desire. True, they must also take into consideration the unique needs of the minorities in any group so governed.

Government has been corrupted by self-seekers who desire to feather their nest or who have some personal-social-political axe to grind of every color, race, creed and persuasion. How wonderful it is when people who want to guide an organization or a "nation" to its highest and best stand at its helm.

This is being done in the nations of the world where the people practice the principle "All is in divine order." This is being done in many nations I have been privileged to visit as I teach their children and adults to sing:

I bless my nation, land that I love. I stand beside her and guide her with the light that I am from within. From her mountains, to her valleys, to her rivers flowing pure. I bless my nation, my home sweet home. I bless my nation, my home sweet home.

Then the school children, their teachers and their parents affirm: Our nation is governed by people of high quality who invest its revenue in the schools, hospitals, sanitation, roads and every benefit of its people, now and always.

As this is done miracles take place on all levels of life.

Personally I know I am god, god I am said each member of the INTA as I met the participants of the 88th annual congress in Phoenix.

It was an exciting time meeting people from around the world. All kindly said Oh I know you, you are the GIST, I read you every month. I just love the GIST.

 Ministers by the score unanimously reported they take ideas from each GIST to write their Sunday sermons and their weekly classes. They said the things written in the GIST were both profound and yet comprehensive. It is a joy to read and make it theirs to talk about important issues.

Plans were initiated to go to Vancouver Canada for a seminar. The group from Australia insisted that a seminar there would be effective and beneficial to their group.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle