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GIST - February 2004 Issue
Seeing My Inner Light


     The ability to see my inner light depends upon one thing alone, my preparation to see it. I can desire it and not see it because I am too eager. When I let go and let my divine path be revealed to me the inner light shines brightly and continuously illuminating my path in all ways.

I Walk My Inner Path was the topic of the Montréal Canada seminar in November 2003. It was in itself an illuminating experience for me. For I had to be walking my inner path while I was sharing with them about walking the inner path.

I shared many techniques for entering into the inner light, the inner path. Here are some of them. 


A very important technique is the Three-Hour-Meditation. During this time I tell myself who I am, I say why I can say who I am and then I listen to the divine in me, the inner light in me, radiating forth in such a glorious manner that it is incomparable.

The Three-Hour-Medi-tation is designed psychologically to move me from one phase to the other with intense alert inner awareness. The use of this program has resulted in spiritual illumination for many who exercised it with great caution and sincerity. When diligently followed for six months every morning from 3 am to 6 am in a quiet place where I am alone and no one can hear me, doing all three aspects of the meditation, I stand forth revealed and illumined.

The First Hour I proclaim speaking or singing I am god, god I am. Lustily I sing it out so that my body vibrates with the awareness of whom and what I am. It is for me alone. No dog, cat, pet nor person is with me as I assert my reality. If I like I walk around or sit comfortably while chanting my affirmation of truth about myself. Above all else I do not allow distractions to enter my consciousness. The hour whizzes by and before I know it I am ready for part two.

In the Second Hour I use my imagination and creative thinking to cover all of the possibilities, Why I Can Say I Am god. As I let my mind soar into the eternal heavens to draw forth my conviction of why this is true. Usually I begin with the concept All is god. God is all. I am. I exist in the allness of god and am the allness of god now and always. Responding to this confession and conviction of the truth about me, I ascend in spiritual ecstasy floating in the realization that I am truly divine. I am truly magnificent. I am truly revealed in the allness right now.

The Second Hour of the Three-Hour-Meditation is the most exciting part of the verbal barrage wherein I let my inner wisdom come to the forefront to express the purity of my awareness of my godself. I sparkle fully in this presence. I am alive to my being myself and having fun. Now I know why I have come to this dimension to express the who and what that I am. The hour ends too quickly as the flood of ideas and concepts pour out of me in rapid succession.

The Third Hour of the Three-Hour-Meditation is a time where I am silent and listen to the divine within me revealing its allness to me in positive vital expressions. At first mundane ideas flood my mind. I think of unimportant things and what is going on in the outer world. I am aware this too shall pass. And pass it does! I am patient. I am onepointed. I am diligent, determined, dedicated and disciplined to remaining open to the wisdom, the imagination, the creativity and the reality that bursts forth as I listen attentively. I make no judgment, no possession and I am untouched by whatever is flowing through my consciousness. I just let it be and let it flow. Soon the everyday thoughts fade away from lack of attention and the spiritual thoughts rise to the surface to be accounted for, to be fully noticed.

Now I am in business. I am charged with the divine battery flooding my being with a current of energy and delight, with a flow of power and assurance that all is well and I am on the right way as I walk my inner path. I am convinced. I am peace. I am revealed. All is well.

Doing this for six months, without falling asleep at any point during the three hour program, seems easy, but until I catch the excitement of what I am doing, confusion and sleepiness confront me.

I feel that I truly am a master when I accomplish this curriculum and make my chosen agenda a reality in my life and affairs.

I left the Canadian audience in eager awareness to purchase the pamphlet Three-Hour-Meditation so they could immediately begin the program. However, I shared with them sufficient details that they were already learnt in what was necessary to do the list of items in an effective and proper manner.

Energy Massage

Another technique which is amazingly effective is the energy massage. The energy massage is only given by me to myself. I do not let anyone else give me the energy massage nor do I give it to anyone else. It is a massage that must be conducted by me alone. The energy massage was first shared with me by alchemists during the First International Congress of Parapsychology and Psy-chotronics in Prague. It is the effect of continual research done by internal awareness scientists annually attending the Inter-national Internal Aware-ness Conferences at the Menninger Foundation in Kansas.

The energy massage is self administered. My hands are the foci of the energy flow. When the energy flow is transmitted from my fingertips and when my hands are held a hair's width over the body so the current flows between the fingers and the skin sometimes leaving a tingling sensation, an awareness of heat or cold, a feeling of blissful relaxation. The response varies from person to person.

This is an energy massage and not a physical massage. My hands touch my body often, but I visualize my fingertips floating over the surface of my body and while being sensitive to the feelings I refrain from allowing me to think of an erotic sensitivity.

For me, the movement of my fingertips and the palms of my hands over my body leave me with a blissful relaxation which is incomparable. It is a feeling of gentle energy moving back and forth between my hands and my body.

I recommend that this energy massage is practiced privately every evening. As I do it, I am naked lying on my bed, which for me is the carpet on the floor in my room. I am in a comfortable place. I am alone. I move my hands over my entire body, rolling from side to side to get every nook and cranny of my physical being. I gently flow over my head and face, the top of my head and my ears and neck and my relaxation becomes more pervasive. It is as though the ubiquitous presence of energy were totally bottled up in me and giving me the feeling of wholeness. I continue this for 10 to 15 minutes each massage.

I like to give myself the massage before I go to bed and immediately upon awakening in the morning. Doing this my body feels alive and filled with power. I feel the ubiquitous energy empowers my body and ennobles my day and my life.

Other Techniques For Seeing My Inner Light

Other techniques for seeing my inner light include the OM, I Am Peace, Affir-mations, Visualizations and many more.

I use the OM to effectively prepare me to flow in my inner light. As I speak the OM its vibrations resonate in my head and my body. I feel my head illumined in a state of inward bliss. I feel my body expressing its wholeness and perfection in every organ action and function—perfectly.

I say the OM in a multistep process. First I vibrate the OM in my mouth saying it with a deep booming tone—OM! I say it three times each time at a different pitch or tone. Then taking a very deep breath I say the OM once again with all the power within me soaring out into the atmosphere. At the peak of the OM I say a positive statement about myself. I say an affirmation which I am currently thinking and living.

At the close of the final vibration of OM I joyfully shout out I Like Me so that my whole body shakes with joy. I continue to say this strongly ten times.

Concluding the I Like Me I say I Am PEACE! Saying this is a calming affect upon me and I then hug and kiss everyone on the mouth who happens to be in my OM Circle.

The affect on everyone is amazing and lasting. Everyone walks away with the sense of wellbeing and contentment. Seeing all through my inner light I live in a state of bliss.

I Walk My Inner Path when I speak the phrase: I Am PEACE! I say this with conviction and an illumination lights my eyes and my crown. I walk my morning path through the mountains here in Campo California and say this phrase: I Am PEACE!  It is the most exhilarating feeling I can imagine. I see the mountains, the clouds in the dark night sky, the stars all aglow, the moon a crystalline globe emitting a glorious light over all the Earth. When I walk under trees or areas shaded by bushes my inner light glowing in my inner path illumines the way and my footsteps are assured of gently landing in perfect placement along my morning walk.

I Walk My Inner Path as I sing affirmations about the inner light which I am. I see my inner light as my heart and mind are illumined with the truth of the statements I make about myself.

Affirmations begin to include:

I like me. I am Peace. I live in my ideal spirit mind and body. I am independently wealthy. I am a master living in this world. I am spiritually whole. I am the pure white light of love. I surround all of my creation with my pure white light of love. With my pure white light of love I surround all in my world--my property, my community, my nation and my world. I choose it and all is well. All is in divine order. My life is blessed as I live in my divine self.

These and hundreds more statements speak affirmations of truth and light about me. My inner light glows as I speak affirmatively of whom and what I am at all times. This is truly walking my inner path.

I walk my inner path as I practice visualization. I visualize the light shining in the center of my being. I visualize the purity and goodness of the world I have created. I am one as all and visualize myself in perfect harmony and joy with all my creation now and forever more.

Many more techniques are available and are practiced around the world by those astute to their inner path.

I like me. I delight in my being. I am filled with the purity of my allness now. I am master of my life. I practice the Three-Hour-Meditation regularly. I practice the energy massage daily. I delight in speaking the OM and other affirmations which illumine my life right now.

--Dr Herbert L Beierle