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GIST - July 2004 Issue
Minding My Own Business


   "Life can be really fun when I mind my own business," phoned my Swiss friend Georgina. She was filled with spit and vinegar sharing her newly acquired understanding as a student of the University of Healing philosophy. She talked at length, unconcerned about her cost in the long distance call, so happy to share her expanding experience with me:

   "The other day I went to town to buy a special dinner for my family. I entered my favorite gourmet store where the display of amazing epicurean food is the center point of gastronomic attraction for everyone passing by. I am in my full element mentally snooping around, already tasting each mouthwatering goodie. In awe over these incredible creative selections, I am now ready, with big eager eyes, to make my delicious choice.

   "Filled with enthusiasm for such great alternatives-yet I allow myself to be distracted by a big German shepherd leading a young man walking into the store. You know," she reminded me, "dogs are allowed in restaurants but not in food stores in Switzerland. This is a big no-no. I thought that the man was blind using his dog as his reliable guide, but not so. I got all shook up as this man walked straight into the meat and fish department-an even greater no-no-where quietly and uninhibitedly he stood in line waiting his turn to be served, his dog patiently sitting at his side.

   "The stranger looked homeless in his casual partly-torn clothing and his long-uncombed-uncared-for-blond beard and hair. Stunned by his poor outer appearance, I was more amazed that he had the guts to enter this very elegant Lugano gourmet store with his big so obviously seen dog than his poor outfit.

   "To my next surprise I noticed that there was not another person in the store who turned their attention to the stranger with the dog; there was not another person who even seemed to notice either the visitor or his dog here in the food store. I was stunned when I realized that I was the only person, in point of fact, aware of this man. Actually, I was the only one not minding my own business.

   "I thought surely all I observed was not true! Something in me shouted at ME saying: It is me! It is the reflection of my own thinking creating this ‘pitiable’ undesirable man with his dog in my food store.

   "Then, you know Ellen," she sighed, "I got the message. I woke up realizing how opinionated I am about such a prosaic situation which in the first place is not of my business. I remembered my UNI lesson on the subject Minding Your Own Business and instantly said, Yes, Georgina, mind your own business!

   "I now understand," she proclaimed, "Judgment is involved in not minding my own business. It is subtle. It is a habit. That such an event as this young man and his dog could steal my attention and shake me up, simply amazing."

   Yes, I agreed with Georgina, praising her openness and eagerness to be aware, to understand and to apply her lessons.

   There was not much to say as Georgina was alert realizing that life is a mirror, an onepointed mirror of everything I believe and think. Every experience is a reminder to me as to where I am on my spiritual-human path.

   Minding my own business seems so simple, so natural and yet it is a challenge to live by it one hundred percent.

-Dr Ellen Jermini