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GIST - July 2004 Issue
Philosophy Of Spiritual Healing


God is all there is

   During my trip to London England in March I met with Newham Hospital clergy who of one accord found the Philosophy of Spiritual Healing universal. God is all there is.

   I went to London for an intensive week of sharing, loving, baptism, house blessing, counseling, meeting with hospital officials and enjoying giving a positive talk on the Philosophy of Spiritual Healing from March 11 to 16.

   At Newham Hospital guided by UNI advocate Hospital Managerial Sister Christy Ugwuegbu I visited with a famous doctor, hospital officials and the hospital clergy of every faith sharing the concept that a Happy Spirit Heals. For as Hippocrates said so long ago, A doctor and his medicine keep the patient alive long enough for the body to heal itself.

   Upon arriving in London in the new home of Mrs Chioma Agogbua and her son Master Chukwuebuka Opara we held the baptism and naming ceremony for--his full name-- Chukwuebuka Ebube Sam Anthony Opara. Surrounded by his mother Chioma, his grandmother UNI Student Rev Sybil Agogbua who flew in from Nigeria for the ceremony, his aunts UNI Student Christy Ugwuebu and Mabel Ngaha, uncles, many cousins and close friends. I pronounced Chukwuebuka a spiritual light born into this world in this nation of Great Britain in dual citizenship of England and Nigeria. He beamed as he accepted the truth about his nature, himself and his world.

   A great feast was held in honor of Chukwuebuka’s baptism with an influx of goodies from people arriving at every doorway leaving their gifts in honor of the magic child.

   I conducted a Wholeness Home Seminar in the Agogbua home to the delight of all present. Since Chioma and Chukwuebuka had only just moved into their new house, together we explored the nooks and crannies of the house, blessing each door, each room therein, the drawers and their contents or the contents soon to be stored there, the kitchen bountifully pouring out food for the numberless guests and friends, the bedroom with the furniture still in their boxes, the living room with its newly installed computer and television cooperatively handled and installed by the husbands of Chioma’s best friends. We walked outside the house looking at each timber joyously supporting the lovely home and its windows pouring in the purity and magic of the British ambiance. At the conclusion of the home dedication in the Wholeness Home Seminar, everyone proclaimed this home good and very good dedicated to happiness, harmony and peace.

   Not to be forgotten, the friends of the family and children of the aunts and uncles asked for private time to speak their word for their perfect life, their ideal work and happy relationships in all areas of their lives. Each one was given time to share in a sparkling room adjacent to the living room where everyone was gathered. As we shared their dreams and aspirations, the clamor of the happy crowd in the next room faded and the only words heard were "I can do it" and "I know I can" and "Treat for me, Dr Beierle."

   Many discussions and delights followed as I was invited to share with the family in their homes, shopping in their shopping centers and visiting their work places including the hospital where our newest student Christy Ugwuegby works in hospital management in the Newham Healthcare. As one of her supervisors Jane O’Neill, principal nurse manager said to me after I spoke with her: "It would be beneficial to us if you would stay in touch; you are a feel good factor for everyone." I met with Chief Executive Kathy Watkins. In a rush of executive power I was greeted by the top echelon of the hospital staff. Foremost is an outstanding personality Dr Kula Ranjan.

   Dr Ranjan was named the Doctor of the Year for his personal caringness for each patient and the staff. We spoke of the things that are being upgraded at Newham Healthcare and his greater plans. He toured me through his active modern hospital providing remarkable services for everyone. We discussed the type of hospital care given in Moscow and other European countries and how his hospital rides high with the best of them in service and caring.

   UNI student and Administrator Christy Ugwuegbu invited me to accept the invitation of the Newham Chaplain’s Corps men and women who are there for the spiritual needs of the patients. They were concerned that I might want to do some outlandish healing techniques on their pa-tients and wanted to make sure I would harmonize with their presentations to their people.

   The flock was gathered in their special meeting room and greeted me and my entourage of Rev Sybil Agogbua, Administrator Ugwuegbu and several of the staff I had already met. Representatives of the Islam, Catholic, Monk Brotherhood, Christian groups and others were assembled ready to "sweat me out." As I entered the room I said my welcome and then asked, "What would you like to know?" Their leader responded with, "What would YOU like to tell us!"

   I was delighted. I spoke on the Philosophy of Spiritual Healing as I understand it. I extolled the teachings of the Christ and the use of the law of cause and effect. I told the healing techniques presently taught and promoted by the Catholic Church, the Islam movement, Hindu, the monk brotherhoods I knew about, the Christian groups and other alternative types of healing treatment being shared worldwide.

   Then I explained that God Unlimited/University of Healing teaches that as the dictionary points out, to heal is to return to our original purity and integrity. I suggested the only way to return to our original purity and integrity is to call it forth by our affirmations and statements of truth about ourselves every moment of the day. It is important to know God Is All There Is! I illustrated how spiritual healing is a NOW experience. Everyone who is willing to recognize that the kingdom is within each being and each being is divine and is expected to be perfect even as the divine is perfect within each one of us, enjoys wholeness.

   After sharing some 40 minutes with nonstop positive ideas for healing as taught by every medical doctor sharing the words of Hippocrates, every philosopher, metaphysician, psychologist and spiritual leader with illustrations supporting my conjectures, my entourage and fellow clergy after taking notes and giving me knowing smiles and winks, assured me that what I had to share was what they believed and practiced.

   After returning to America my English friends there told me that the Islam "clergy" want to meet me on my next visit. They liked my approach and found that there was indeed something good to be heard.

   As I entered the administrative offices again, time was given for every nurse and associate on the floors to come in for seven minutes of counseling talk, asking whatever questions they liked and listening to my responses. Magically every questioner asked specific questions which were delightfully answered during the seven minutes, perfectly!

   I am currently in contact with others in England who want to know more about the philosophy and how to put it to work in their lives.

   If I believe what I believe, I need never want for information to tell about what I believe. It is only when I am unsure of my beliefs that I feel ill at ease in talking about what I believe and my insecurity befuddles me. I am a philosopher and live my own philosophy. So long as I abide in the awareness of what I believe, my philosophy will always stand me well in any circle of friends or questioners.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle