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GIST - August 2004 Issue
Exiting Moments


I LOVE ADVENTURES. I travel the world and have experiences which are unbelievable and fulfilling. Here are some of my most recent happenings, albeit not all of them. I conclude with my upcoming agenda.

St Louis Seminars

THE ST LOUIS MISSOURI seminars and lectures were dynamic and exciting. I was wound-up so magically that every person tuned in and with a passion for what was being said listened closely to every word. It was fun speaking to such an intensive inclusive interested ideal audience, smile! I am looking forward to returning and sharing with this amazing group of people who really know how to turn on a speaker.

   The first seminar, Friday night, was held just as Dr Ellen Jermini and I arrived; we had a quick Italian dinner and moments later we were in the First Divine Science Church of St Louis, Rev Christi Schlue minister for my presentation, joined by members and friends of the Divine Science Church of Today in Belleville IL directed by Rev Mary Keller and the Divine Science Church of Crestwood in Crestwood MO directed by Rev Mary Rezentes.

   It is a round church with the seating focusing on the center where there is a podium and platform for the speaker to dance—so dance I did.

   My topic roared up the isles as everyone sat on the edge of their pews forgetting time and tide.

   Dr Ellen sat in the back of the church and joined the others in howling over the subtle humor sprinkled throughout the talk which covered the full story of the teachings of the University of Healing. The audio tape of each of these talks and seminars, its are available to be heard on the Net from the HomePage of the UNI www.goduni.org under seminars with the title Healing Is A Magic Word .

   After the presentation we had coffee and cookies with further sharing and my signing over a dozen books. Featured book was Quiet, Healing Zone! eagerly sought after by everyone.

   Ellen had been with the leader Rev “Roma” Mary Rezentes during their trip to Africa with the wife of the president of Egypt, Madam Sadat. Together, Ellen and her remembered friend Roma discussed old memories.

   The night spun away. We went to Rev Master Sally Hori’s home, our local Missouri contact who programmed the entire St Louis project. Our hostess’ home is nestled in an exclusive suburb of St Louis. The house overlooks a peaceful lake alive with jumping fish and wildlife, surrounded by an inviting natural forest. I slept like a log upstairs, Ellen and Sally had rooms downstairs. Sally’s dog, Sparky, stole Ellen’s heart..

Soul-Esteem Church and center in St Louis my all-day seminar topic was Healing Is A Way Of Life.. Like a freed lion I strode back and forth in the center of the circle of participants piling illustration upon example of the reality of Healing Is A Way Of Life. At first they were amused until they warmed up to the topic and everyone melted into healing as a way of life sincerely and excitedly. The audio tape Healing Is A Way Of Life. is available on the HomePage of the UNI www.goduni.org under seminars with the title Healing Is A Way Of Life..

   Ed Magraw, a student at The Gathering is employed by the health care organization www.ssmmc.com whose mission statement is: Through our exceptional health care services, we reveal the healing presence of god. Quite an introduction to the outstanding people in this center.

   The next day at The Gathering in the Soul-Esteem Church dual Sunday services I spoke on Using the Law of Cause and Effect to Heal. Each service Rev Phylis introduced me to her congregation in their gracious Grand Gathering Cathedral. The services were directed by Chris Bryant. Deborah Sharn sang magically. The beautiful song-stress complimented my talk wonderfully. Rocky Tucker was her professional accompanist. The Soul-Esteem Singers presented gala selections brightening everyone’s heart. Each of my talks was unique and dwelt upon different aspects of Healing Effects generated.

   A three hour+ seminar Next Step, Illumination scheduled from 2 to 5 pm brought forth spontaneous respon-ses from the audience throughout the talks. I included both children and adults in all of my lectures making everyone feel a part of the exciting adventure.

   I revealed how we are already illumined but are not truly aware god dwells in us. As this truth sinks in we come to the realization that no matter how wild our dreams may be for ourselves, it not only is possible, it already exists and all we need do is claim it to enjoy it.

Sylvia’s Birthday

UPON RETURNING TO Campus Ellen and I joined Ingeborg and the pets in celebrating Rev Dr Sylvia Enz’s 61st birthday Sunday 16th belated.

Don Visits Campus

ONE OF THE FIRST graduates of the University of Healing and honored with every earned degree and certificate offered by the UNI, Dr Don Steckdaub and his wife Rita, spent Thursday, May 16th on campus seeing the improvements and expansion of the campus to 104 acres as a Spiritual Retreat. Rita has now signed up as a student of the UNI, smile. Over the years Don has managed hospitals, operated drug rehabilitation clinics and conducted counseling and awareness seminars, lectures and training clinical programs throughout California.

East Coast Celebrations

MAY 20 I flew to Philadelphia to greet my sister Marie and her husband Bill. We drove from their home in Wilmington DE to Washington DC to celebrate the honors graduation of my godson Trevor Rose, my grand nephew. Trevor was honored by Georgetown University graduating from their Law School with his doctorate, summa cum laude. With honors his girlfriend Amy Magdanz graduated with her doctorate.

   A gala graduation party was given by his parents Linda and Terrance “T” Rose. I blessed the graduates and everyone present and gave the table blessing: This food is healthy for my body and filled with love.

   Present were naturally the godfather—myself, my sister Aunt Marie, Trevor’s girlfriend Amy, her parents David and Joanne Magdanz and Amy’s sister Lindsey; Amy’s grandparents Ada and Monroe (Mag) Magdanz; naturally Linda and T; Yvonne Slaski, T’s mother; cousins, Scott and Kerry Kiphart and Kathleen and Bob Dunn; Trevor’s cousin, T’s sister and Shannon’s daughter, Kelsey Rybarsik.

   The party went on to the tune of many cards, graduation gifts and many blessings from everyone present to the two graduates. After the celebration the intellectuals gathered to play mind games and enjoy each other’s presence—being present with mental giants is an exhausting adventure—there were many present for this event.

Marie’s 80th Birthday

BILL IS 82. Now Marie arrives at her 80th birthday May 25th. Piles of presents greeted Bill’s wife since 1946, the mother of six, mother-in-law of six more, grandmother of nine with one on the way, great grandmother of three and who knows what the future will bring—all great joy. A gala party was held at the 94th Squadron Headquarters Restaurant in Wilmington DE as 29 were present to celebrate this special notable event of 80 glorious years.

   Present were: brother Herb, me; William and Marie McMahon; Bill’s brother and wife, Rudy and Dee Adametz; son Michael and friend Janet Rein; grandson Kevin and Kevin’s friend Stephanie; not present were granddaughter Barbara and David Vogel and three great grandchildren Megan, Dylan and Steven; daughter Kathleen Dunn and son-in-law Bob, not present is grandson Daniel Dahlenberg; son Tim, and Debbie, granddaughter Bonnie and grandson Brian; son Thom and Noreen, grandson Ryan and granddaughter Alyssa; son Matthew and Lee Ann and grandson Sean; daughter Eileen Schultz and Rob, granddaughter Sami and grandson on the way; nephew Scott and Kerry Kiphart; Bill’s shipmate from the Second World War aboard their destroyer Terry and 50 year± business associate, Bill McDaniel.

   The night was specially blessed with a fabulous rain storm with lightning and thunder punctuating the birthday of the century.

Another Birthday Boy

ON CAMPUS ELLEN, Sylvia, Ingeborg and I celebrated the 87th birthday of our dear friend Bill Ellsworth. Bill and his wife Carol founded the Church in the Wildwood in 1975, the same year that my son Mark and I established God Unlimited/University of Healing. She was my first campus student. With singing and love Bill was properly invested into his 87th year. He delighted in telling us stories of his marriage and his work with his spiritually gifted wife in their church of 30 years.

   Life is lots of fun if you live every moment fully and well. It is not so much a matter of making things happen, rather entering into the joy of living in the now.

Uni Healing Schedule

June 20 Mini Seminar, Rev Pamela Wangler and Gloria Boileau El Cajon
June 22 Mini Seminar, Campus, World Conference for Water Purification with Ozone/Filtration
June 23 Mini Seminar, Rev Cielo Arrillaga and Lily Soe Bolivar and Irasema Bertran
June 23 Mini Seminar, Rev GMichael Smith and Uni student Rev Brenda Woods
July 9-13 The Fun of Being Young campus seminar, Rev Dr Monica Egli, daughters—Andrea and Martina; Daniela Ferrari and son Giordano, UNI student Alice Nasife, Rev Rhonda Joyce, Rev Dr Sylvia Enz, Rev Dr Ingeborg Puchert and Rev Dr Ellen Jermini.
July 16 Pacific Beach Unbirthday party for students Rev Dr Sylvia Enz and Rev Dorothea Zimmerman,
July 18-23 Unconditional Love Heals Dr Herbert L Beierle speaks before the 85th annual International New Thought Alliance congress in Washington DC
July 24-26 San Jose Center for Spiritual Enlightenment with Rev Sam Sasu and Rev Dr Ellen Jermini.
July 26 Rev Dr Jack Holland, 1604 Hillsdale Avenue 95118 and Rev Dr Gregor Müller and Rochelle Kuebelbeck
July 27-31 Rev Sasu of Nigeria campus visitor
July 28-August 12 Campus Seminar, Rev Gertrud Suter, Jerôme and Sabrina, I Like Me Most
August 14-16 Native American Celebration, Farmington NM.
August 21-24 My Real Family seminar Bahamas with Rev Dr Teddy Forbes, Ana, Jamie and Anton in the Center of Awareness
August 26-September 16 Rev Dr Sylvia Enz, UNI staff officer tours Europe
September 21 Visit with Rev Gertrud Suter and Margrit
September 22 Excursion with group on Lake Zurich with evening at Rev Christina Nussbaum’s Place, Illuminati.
September 23 One day seminar sponsor Rev Herbert and Michéle Marty Been There Done That, I am Ready For the Peak
September 24-26 Bern My New Spiritual Magnitude seminar with Rev Rösli In-Albon in the Kursaal Bern Hotel sponsored by the Bern Magical Kingdom study group
September 27 Rev Dr Anita Lopp and family
September 28 Counseling day
September 29 Rev Christina Nussbaum visit
October 1-7 There IS Room In The Inn Rev Sam Sasu Center for Spiritual Enlightenment in Accra healthworksgh@yahoo.com, Accra, Endless Miracles in Wholeness a seminar Rev Andrew Aikins
October 8-13 Rev Sybil and Sam Agogbua sponsors seminars, No Man’s Land Belongs To Me, I Am Creator Of My Country, The Restless Seed In Me and I Never Look Back. agogbua4real@ yahoo.co.uk hoo.co.uk
October 15-18 UNI Student Christy Ugwuegbu sponsors London England seminars
October 19-22 Seminars in Tessin Next Step, Illumination a seminar series.
October 24-31 Monte Bré Searching for Wisdom School of the Master seminar.
November 5-8 Montréal Canada seminar sponsor Rev Dr Aline Côté, I Know My Way to My Spiritual Home
December 25-31 Christmas Campus seminar Story of Jesus, Rev Rösli In-Albon, also with UNI Students Lydia Hunzinger and Edith Strebel.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle