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GIST - September 2004 Issue
Not Poverty Of The Spirit

SOME PEOPLE CAN re-member the golden time 100 years ago. It was time of a kind of poverty of the mind but not a poverty of the spirit. What it prepared us for was yet unrealized. It was a time when much we enjoy today was undreamed. What things we consider important in our lives and homes were not even a reverie to our way-out thinkers. Each dream is the foundation of the unrealized present which is always there. I live in the now and see past all temporary illusions to the reality which is and always will be.

   In every era the fulfillment of the necessities of life were ever present and abundantly so. It was the luxuries that were unattainable to the materially wealthy and the substance poor.

America in 1902:

  • Average 1902 life expectancy was 47; average 2004 life expectancy is 80.
  • 14% of homes had bathtubs.
  • 8% of homes had a telephone. A 3-minute call from Denver to NYC cost $11.
  • On 144 miles of paved roads were 8,000 cars. In most cities the top speed limit was 10 mph.
  • Alabama or Mississippi or Iowa or Tennessee each had more population than California.
  • Tallest structure in the world was the Eiffel Tower.
  • Average wage 22 cents an hour.

   It is my privilege to travel the world--also visiting in areas of the United States--where there is a poverty level of living. Wherever I go, strangely enough, while the people wanted--for--the--luxuries--of--life, the necessities of life were there. Easy to find were also wine, beer, television, music, churches and many children.

   Yet under all circumstances--abundant or poor--there are always the ones who will not limit themselves by the appearances which lay all about them. They have their dream of success, their dream of things, but most of all--and truly this is proof of the nobility of the spirit--those who have the least are usually concerned about being a blessing to those who have even less or are living in similar straits. They have the desire to minister unto the world and teach the world how to live more abundantly, smile, while they are still there in limitation, but thinking abundantly.

   In every area I visited across the globe there are a large number of people who are enterprising and make a good living for themselves and enjoy many luxuries. It can and is being done.

   We can read about conditions 100 years ago and think to ourselves how primitive by today’s standards. Yet not because of the limitations they experienced, but because of the idea they had of themselves, their lives were short spanned. In the days of Jesus a 30 year old persons was aged and living past his normal life span. Yet in early Biblical times we read about lives which spanned hundreds of years almost to a thousand--probably there were those who even topped 1,000 but no record stands about them.

   What gave these people long lives when most others were limited? It was a matter of mind, of consciousness, of expectation.

   All a matter of consciousness!

   The University of Healing has students in Ghana, Nigeria, Guyana, Brazil, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Canada, United States and in countries where limitation should not exist but does, and we have students from all these areas as well as UNI students in the more affluent areas of the world.

   These students want to minister unto the world and teach the world to sing a song of wholeness, abundance, right action, peace, harmony and all good.

   While it is true the University of Healing unconditionally teaches these things--wholeness, abundance, right action, peace, harmony and all good--it teaches that these things categorically begin with the individual. These things are found in the heart of every person--without exception--and can only be found there by each individual.

   We cannot do it for another.

   If we give our good to the poor, if we heal the sick, if we give sight to the blind, if we raise the dead, if we bring peace on earth, we are playing a fool’s game. When we teach them to do it for themselves we give them their greatest blessing.

   The leaders of underprivileged countries know that the people do not know how to receive good gifts and the leaders keep these gifts for themselves. This is neither good nor bad; however it indicates that each must walk his own path.

   We can show the world how to find the path within and how to walk along this path untouched by the appearance world which also is seeking to find its way.

   Now I am sensitive to my creation. Now I feel a responsibility for my creation. Now I open my heart and my pocketbook to my creation. Now I have this human compassion and concern.

   Yet the moment is upon me that I see with the eyes of spirit all is fulfilled. I see through the outer appearance or illusion through to the divine reality and divine order in my creation. Blessings be for the eternal now of reality! It is done.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle