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GIST - October 2004 Issue
Unconditional Love Heals

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE means just that, loving unconditionally. It means that I have no other thought in my mind and heart than to see all in my world through the eyes of perfection and purity--seeing all in the reality I am.

During the 89th International New Thought Alliance Congress in Washington DC in July I arrived with the topic assigned to me of The Power of One and the title I gave it: Unconditional Love Heals! Naturally with such a topic I had to walk the talk. It was fun and easy.

Since I had no other thought in my mind and heart than to see everyone at the congress whole and perfect, I went around hugging and loving everyone, men, women and children--of all ages and all descriptions. Some were not receptive to being hugged by a bearded man and some were even upset by such an uncalled for gesture. However, I was undaunted.

Thinking about this you might think I was not undaunted but foolish to love and care about people who were seemingly uninterested in being "LOVED" by such an apparently aged old man. Quickly word went around that "Here comes the Love Bug."

Little by little word went around that everyone whom he hugged felt much better and even some were "healed" of problems that they were experiencing as they came to the congress. It became so apparent that some even sought out this happy fellow who was such a "good" hugger and who massaged your back in such a salubrious manner that all feelings of hurt or misalignment faded from existence. He seemed to shine forth the healing techniques of the ages including Ayurvedic teaching methods.

Whispers went throughout the congress that this very happy person was doing something unusual. People came back to him again and again to be hugged and touched with a very special caring such as his friend Rev Samuel Sasu taught in his workshop class.

There were some who did not want to be hugged and informed the Love Bug to "get off my back"--which he instantly did. However, they missed the healing touch that could have been theirs at that moment. Many of those came back later subtly seeking the hug they refused before and naturally the Love Bug gave them the bug hug of wholeness.

Living in a consciousness of unconditional love is quite demanding. As I practice unconditional love I have no opportunity to feel that anyone is "undeserving" of the hug and attention just because they said they did not want it or they refused the hug. To love unconditionally means that I love because that is MY nature and not because there is a need for loving. I love because I am a caring lover of all in my world wherever I may be.

As I give seminars around the world I run into people who feel their philosophy of life is the only way to think about life. They feel anyone else in the world either thinks their way or that one is an infidel, inferior to the human race, not only the divine "race."

However, such thoughts as these are never in the thinking of one who loves unconditionally. For to love conditionally is not loving unconditionally, naturally!

The teachings of the Tao, Koran, Confucius, Jesus, Bible or any other teaching of any peoples on Earth teach first and foremost, love the divine being uppermost and love its creation as oneself. This is quite an expectation. It means we can have no feelings of superiority either in our religious or philosophical life. It means we respect all the world, all creation, equally. With such an awareness peace reigns supreme. With such an awareness the divine nature in man as man is revealed in every thought, action and word. What a glorious world!

As we teach ourselves to live unconditional love we see the entire world good and very good, as it is originally created. As we live unconditional love we just naturally hug everyone, everything and all that is--we are so empowered in love that that is all that matters.

During the congress many people came to me to ask my opinion of speakers and conditions of the organization. They said if anyone were to give them an "honest" answer it is the man who lives unconditional love every moment of his life.

I talked with each one but the answer I gave to them probably surprised them since I did not give them an answer based on a judgment but rather an observation of an unconditionally loving being. I said, yes the individual was looking for approval and love from the group; however, that one is looking outwardly for the magnificence he is within. That person is a superior leader, a divine manifestation of purity and goodness and the moment he recognizes it in himself he will not seek it outwardly revealing it from within.

Questions were asked about the organization to which I replied that the technique of the organization and its purpose is to serve the greater good--and it is doing just that at the level of those who are organizing it. As we desire to see its ultimate purpose expressed we simply say: All is in divine order now. We get our bloated nothingness out of the way of the divine circuits. As we do this the primary supreme ultimate purpose of the group shines forth as a diamond released of the dust on its surface so its inner fire may brilliantly illumine it and its world.

Being a love bug demands selfconfidence, selfdiscipline, selfawareness and selfdetermination to at all times to stand up for principle. It cannot be an excuse for being uninhibited but rather a calling for being unconditionally loving.

I teach the thousands of children and adults I greet in Africa, Europe and the world to love themselves—more to LIKE THEMSELVES. For we all love ourselves universally, but to be able to like ourselves and live with who and what we are--is indeed another thing. By my demonstration of unconditional love to each of these thousands of youngsters, their teachers, their elders and their world, I show them "how" it can be done and how easy it is.

I teach them songs that touch their inner nature such as:

I am god, god I am . . .

I like me, I like me, I like me . . . to any familiar tune.

I bless Nigeria, (for every country we visit) land that I love, I stand beside her and guide her through the night with the light from within; from the mountains, to the deserts, to the ocean filled with foam, I bless Nigeria my home sweet home, I bless Nigeria, my home sweet home.

These songs teach children and adults alike that with unconditional love all dreams are possible. All dreams already exist and wait our call to reveal them.

As I was privileged to give my presentation to the congress I shared with them three illustrations and sang to them these songs which I share throughout the world.

I began my sharing by saying the New Thought Movement began as the first inhabitants of planet Earth moved from being individuals to being a family. Primitive man changed from thinking of himself as the only creation in existence to coming up with a new thought that HE had created OTHERS. The others he created wanted to live as he lived and wanted to be independent in their thinking and expectations of life--but it did not work out that way for to live in a community his creation had to flow harmoniously with the creator. He had to think new thoughts. He had to think of his creation AND himself!

The first new thought thinkers were the shaman who listened within to their divine selves and revealed to the community their wisdom from within. Their universal nature made people fearful of their abilities, even as they are today of the wizards and wise ones of culture. Now aeons later the sage--shaman, wizard and wise one--present to us the allness and we think it is mind-blowing.

The Shaman--new thought thinkers--drew a circle of love and within it included all philosophies, religions and thinkers of the universe.

From that humble beginning new thought was born and out of it came a bonding of these creative new thinkers that called them the International New Thought Alliance. Some-thing that is truly bigger than the sum of all of its parts. I am privileged to share with this group my unconditional love, my love bug nature, my allness.

I am unconditional love and I share that love with all of my creation, all my world, all my universe, all the isness that IS!

-Dr Herbert L Beierle