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GIST - December 2004 Issue
All Path Lead To Rome


My train left Zurich’s main station taking me south. I cuddled in my seat taking pleasure in my corner all for myself. I enjoy my trip watching the slide-show of varied and colorful autumn scenes. I pass charming Swiss towns and villages surrounded by great green succulent prairies among so many pearls of rippled lakes. The view is unique and innovative this season of the year with the heavenly frame of divine images of fresh-white sprinkled mountain peaks.

My special international train carries travelers from Holland to Italy crossing Switzer-land from north to south. It is common to hear happy conversations in many different languages from dialects spoken in adjacent countries.

In my daydream mood I admire this ever so lovely countryside. I am relaxed! I am a happy princess in a magical fairyland.

I am jostled out of my inner reverie as a lovely lady appears before me. With an inquisitive smile she wordlessly points to the seat vis-ŕ-vis from me gracefully articulating whether the bench is free. A bit surprised I spontaneously say: "Si, si" in Italian which she accepts with a happy sigh, acknowledging that I speak her language. She settles in the seat to make herself comfortable.

For a short time silence enfolds our compartment, we do not speak, not even in a whisper. All is quiet. Only the monotonous rattle of the train wraps me in a pensive state.

After a while the lady decisively gets up. Urgently she walks towards the exit. My eyes follow her as she valiantly tries to close the door of our compartment.

"This is unfair," she complains while coughing out half the words into her sentence. "I came to this ‘non-smoking’ compartment because I am allergic to smoke. Now the door lets all the smoke in here and I will be sick!"

No, no, madam, I insist, smiling in my perfect Italian, you have a natural positiveness and love radiating from your eyes. Your caring attitude leaves you untouched from anything you do not choose to experience. You are a positive thinking lady. I know!

Her somber face instantly transforms into a glowing smile, happily accepting my words.

"Thank you," she thankfully states. "You are so right. I am a positive person. I am so glad you said what you did. I needed a reminder. Thank you!"

Wow, what a delight, I think as I look into her eyes. I feel goodness mirroring from her face. Her integrity is clear.

Like two seasoned philosophers we talk about life, the appearance of death and harmoniously exchange our thoughts. She hands me her business card.

"My name is Ida Moscatelli. I was a professor at the Conservatory G Verdi di Milano for more than 55 years. Two years ago I retired as a music teacher. It was hard to leave my beloved students. Their respect meant so much to me." Her eyes fill with tears as she recalls her students who each are genii learners. "I give private lessons at home."

She proudly adds, "Often I teach without charge to those who cannot afford it. My students call me their mentor. They come to me with their personal challenges, as well as their joy in studying music."

Ida shares her stories with me showing how patiently, lovingly and wisely she deals with her students. She is a positive lady living her convictions, a delight to listen to.

Ida expressed her immeasurable love she has with her alumnae. I am impressed to hear about her private life.

"I was married for just five years, when my husband died leaving me with our baby son. I never married again. My love now was for our son and my music.

"One day a friend asked me for a very special favor. He was a social worker finding parents for abandoned children. Overburdened with requests, he asked me to help him, just for one day and night. Touched with his sincerity I was ready to be of service. I brought home twin three-year-old girls. Though I only accepted these two angels for a short time, I cared. In the evening before cuddling them in for the night, I gave them each a cozy bath. And then it happened," Ida joyously twinkled, "when one of the girls looked up at me with her innocent angel-blue eyes and candidly asked me, Can I call you mummy! I melted."

Ida whispers, "I was so deeply touched I snuggled both girls in my arms unconditionally accepting them as mine. From that precious moment on I raised three angels. It was fun and rewarding. Each child is now grown and successful in their profession. Each enjoy their happy family.

"For three years the twins dreamed being a nurse. Today they are and are blessing their delighted patients. In this respect they were able to also bless their ‘real’ mother who at one time showed up needing urgent medical help. The twins cared and nurtured their mother back to health with their professional skill as a nurse and their unconditional love. Then, they never saw her again."

Ida’s book of life was filled with stories of unconditional givingness. She is an impressive example of a divine life. I talked about the University of Healing teachings. I spoke about Jesus, Buddha, Socrates and many other great teachers--realizing that all paths lead to Rome when I live-up sincerely to my belief.

 Belief matters not, only that I practice it with integrity, sincerity, honesty and unconditional love as my foundation on my path through life.

My three hour trip from Zurich to Lugano was a timeless precious moment in the here and now illumined by Ida’s sharing which ended in Lugano with a mutual spontaneous hug in love--yes in bliss.

-Dr Ellen Jermini