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GIST - December 2004 Issue
The Story Of Jesus


Many people ask me if the foundation of the Church of God Unlimited and the University of Healing are based in the Christian tradition. I say NO, we are not a Christian church. We believe in the teachings of Jesus the Christ. We do not take part in the divisiveness of the organizations causing disunity and dissension among all those who aspire to learn from the master teacher and that call themselves churches based on an exclusive interpretation of the Bible and the words of Jesus the Christ. I believe Jesus taught a God of love and his message was to bind together all mankind in their divinity.

The Story of Jesus is the title of my six day Campus  Retreat with 18 45-minute lectures. My annual Christmas seminars are open to the public and naturally to all of my students and friends of the UNI. On campus facilities include living quarters for some 20 people or better, depending upon the specific needs of our guests.

The Story of Jesus begins with the Story of Jesus the man. All of the illustrations come directly from the Bible and are seen in the light of the 21st century. The idioms and concepts are shared from the Lamsa Bible translation wherein this edition comes directly out of his Aramaic lifestyle.

I will then go into what the life of Jesus teaches humanity of its divinity. We will study how Jesusí youth demonstrates his recognition of his calling as a spiritual sharer--master.

We will delve into what role John the Baptist played in the life of Jesus. The question of whether Jesus traveled and studied in the rabbinical schools has always been one which has caused concern among scholars, we have a tilt on this that will make it relative clear and obvious. Many question whether Jesus studied in other lands as Egypt, India, China and even America will lay to rest these quandaries and give validity to a new reality.

The Sermon on the Mount was a radical movement away from what the rabbinic tradition taught to the Hebraic followers, why did Jesus move in this direction when he knew it would cause the other rabbis to be uptight with him. Truly a remarkable Sermon on the Mount was heard by all near and far.

The status of Jesus with his peers and fellow rabbis was unique and very telling of his message and mission. This very condition gave him the confidence and ability to call men to be his disciples. He called those from the educational class as well as those of nonprofessional skills--each had a very responsible role in his teaching.

Many ask where the wisdom of Jesus came from--the answer is definite.

Was Jesus ever angry or touched by the world about him, smile--remember he is a consummate actor--complete in every detail, skilled, utterly perfect!

The benefit of the "cross experience" in Jesusí life seems to be misunderstood by all who have read it and those who were present at the time. Is this one of the reasons his teachings have come down to us through the ages or is there a deeper meaning? How were the books of the Bible brought together and does it matter, smile.

Theologians, but not metaphysicians, wonder why the Bible is interpreted so broadly and so imaginatively creating many religions all claiming Jesus as their source.

The impact of the teaching of Jesus of "It is done unto you according to your belief" stands as a monumental statement latched onto by every great philosopher. Then he follows it up with "Be perfect even as god is perfect" enough to blow the minds of every religious thinker.

Jesusí concluding words could be paraphrased as, "I am off to another adventure, let the comforter come to you all!"

The six-day seminar with its 18 lectures will be an adventure into listening to the divine within myself and ourselves as I share my thoughts on this amazing experience.

Over the years I have taught Bible classes, I have given lectures on the theology of the Bible and the rational of the Bible. Now I will sum up some of the most exciting adventures of the Bible--and you will wonder where the validity truly comes from, smile.

The Story of Jesus is the story of my life, the story of your life, the story of the life of every human being who has ever lived or will live on the face of the Earth. It is the revelation of the divine, godnature within me and you for eternity--enjoy it!

-Dr Herbert L Beierle