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GIST - June 2005 Issue
Little Daily Blessings


   Soul vibrating blessings which illumine my everyday tasks are my many daily experiences.

Yesterday I drove to town for a few errands. Each journey is always full of excitement and unreasonable enthusiasm. I happily sing as I drive and affirm, all is in divine order.

Passing the managersí desk as I left the grocery department, I heard a lady  giving friendly comments to the supervisor. As a gentle breeze, her lovely words touched me. She joyously smiled: "I love to shop in this store. Everyone is so kind."

Instantly I turned to see who was giving that gratifying observation. In front of me stood a vital sparkling silver hair lady standing by her shopping cart. The little senior citizen wore a light blue woolen sweater in perfect match, complimenting her angelic love-filled eyes.

How lovely of you to give the staff your appreciation. I leaned over to confidentially share with her my delight.

"I am 93," she giggled. "I love life. I am thankful to be alive every moment."

Wow, I answered, you are wonderful! Your shining eyes reflect your positive attitude and mirror your magic way of living. You look good, you look young, you look absolutely fabulous!

"You are a very dear lady." She reaches out to take my hand in her motherly way of caring. "I am so happy I met you." Her love and expressions are boundless as she continues to tell me how much she appreciates the fact I took time to tell her what I thought of her.

I met an angel. She is my reflection and she assured me I was her own inner magnificence. What a blessing for me!

Unceremoniously we parted but the glow of divine love I felt that day numbered among my unlimited blessings.

-Dr Ellen Jermini