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GIST - June 2005 Issue
Self Healing Worldwide


     Generally three times everyday I go online to share a message of love, healing, goodness, spiritual illumination and joy--much as these messages in Godís Pocket.

For Thought for Today, Instant Illumination and Absolute Philosopher, I choose a series of quotations from famous and not so famous authors but most are my own creation. I use these as the foundation of each talk from five to 20 minutes long. I do not look at the topic before hand, but rather at the instant I am ready to give the talk online.

The feelings that flood my heart from my oneness with all of the students, friends and family inspire me to take off on a particular theme and it develops intuitively in my thinking. As I speak I feel oneness with my audience. I know the audience of those with me on campus but I sense the worldwide audience. It is such fun. I say things that amuse delight and surprise me.

People contact me by email, snail mail, telephone, from the mouths of others, all to tell me of the healing they have experienced from these internet messages I give daily. They are inspired to put a positive cause in motion for every condition in their life--or the life of one they care about--to experience wholeness, illumination and bliss.

It is a thrill to hear from people who have signed up for the Thought for Today from Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Africa, Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, India, China, Russia, the Ukraine, Canada, Alaska, the United States, and more, each taking healing inspiration from these messages.

The work of the Church of God Unlimited and the University of Healing and the University of Philosophy and the Absolute Monastery and the Worldwide Healing Ministry--here on campus--reach out and touch lives untold. Whenever anyone writes calls or emails me with their success, I am not surprised, smile, delighted of course!

-Dr Herbert L Beierle