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GIST - July 2005 Issue
Rex And My Daily Talks

Herb     I have a lovely Golden Retriever called Rex born December 4, 2003. My dog is an absolute lover. He is big. His size dominates our mini pin Love and mini Schnauzer Button, but Love loves to play with Rex--to a point--and Button tells Rex "off" and Rex instantly obeys his older little brotherís imperative command.

Often as I give the talks at the meal table, Rex is there by my side. He thinks life is created for him to play. I insist that there is a time for play and a time for quietness. He knows play. He is learning quietness. So it is that at times during my internet talks Rex stands up and asks to be recognized. I must immediately say to him "sit" and "down" and he instantly sits and lies down. He rolls over on his side and stretches out to his entire length as tall as a man, and drops off to sleep. I am very aware of his loving presence and sometimes, even during my talk, refer to my sleeping beauty.

I could leave Rex at the Hermitage where we both live and he would be perfectly happy and content. However, I bring him to the meals as a training tool to the other dogs and to the monks seated at the table. I watch to see how the monks are distracted from my talk and the possible illumination they could be enjoying by watching the antics of our beloved Rex. I comment on it as a learning tool of spiritual bliss and introspective awareness. Sometimes the monks get the message but just as often as not they defend their lassitude in giving attention to the talk--and of course--they miss the point.

I recommend that in all of our spiritual studies and meditation and introspective time we be alone mentally with whatever we are doing. If we are not, the distraction makes the learning useless. Rex is a good example of this. His all pervading love distracts and claims each of us. Everything is done for a purpose.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle