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GIST - August/September 2005 Issue
Perspicacious - I Love Words


From childhood I have always loved words. When I used the dictionary I would study each word I questioned and go on to read virtually all of the other words on the page.

While lecturing in Farmington New Mexico a lawyer and his wife questioned my use of a word, thinking they may have misunderstood or misheard what I had said.

I used the word perspicacity to describe how we have the ability to see inwardly keenly and shrewdly.

Listening inwardly to the divine brings up issues which boggle the mind and seemingly have little or no definition which is understandable or clear. So my "finding" the word perspicacious was a lovely defining blanket sparkling with diamonds and gems of every color allowing me to live in a continuing state of awareness.

Since I treasure acute mental vision and discernment this word pops out of my "wordlist" from time to time.

In 1586 the word arose from the Latin perspicuous or transparent and the French perspicere or plain to understand especially because of clarity and precision of presentation, a fun word with perspicuity, perspicuously and perspicuousness. While in 1640 the word became even clearer in its current use to speak of acute mental vision or discernment: keen, shrewd, with its adverb perspicaciously and its nouns perspicaciousness and perspicacity.

Words are fun and the more inclusive the more fun. My best words are those which reflect my personality and my charisma. Sometimes I get stifled by a word and use it repetitively such as wonderful, magnificent, superb, breathtaking, astonishing, fantastic, brilliant, great, but when I take a moment to check it out in my thesaurus for its synonyms I find my vocabulary begins to grow. I find uses for words in a manner I had never before dreamed possible. Life is great

-Dr Herbert L Beierle