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GIST - August/September 2005 Issue
Living The Easy Life


Being a resilient person makes life easy. Living consciously from moment to moment I am happy and peaceful. The art of living in the now eludes humankind. Man-kind burdens itself with the past and the future without taking into account what is being done right now, this present moment, the only time there is.

Being resilient I flow with the world about me and while I do not make waves, I only accept in my personal experience that which is what I call noble and good. All may undergo a struggle over what is happening to them. I choose to live from my peaceful center and see the world in the light of my peaceful center. This takes onepointed awareness and control of me to such a degree I appear cold and unfeeling to the world about me. However, if I feel the world thinks this, it is only because I think this. All by my choice.

I live the easy life by minding my own business, by living from my divine center, seeing the globe and its inhabitants a magnificent reflection of whom and what I am.

I met Ralph who looked prosperous and self-confident. He held himself with such magnificence that I knew he was a most amazing man.

Upon asking him where he lived he told me the location in a poorer part of San Diego. I evidenced instant surprise. Then he said I should come with him to see his home. We arrived far from the suburbs and mansions to stand before his very old house in a poorly maintained neighborhood.

"I love my home," he said with pride. "I have 12 children. Each help me keep our yard green with a beautiful well manicured lawn and garden. Every few years I paint my house and give it the perfect touch. We wash the windows regularly and keep the yard clean of trash, contrary to the neighborhood around us. What others do is their business, what I do is my business, and I like order and cleanliness."

He related that he and his wife Eugenia have a contented marriage. "We love each other just the way we are." His wife came to the front door as she saw us standing on the porch. She was dressed in a comfortable but stylish dress, well tended, though obviously she had it for some time. "Well love," she cooed to her husband, "who do we have here?"

Her husband introduced me and we sat on their pleasant front porch for a cup of coffee.

I asked Eugenia, "How do you make ends meet with 12 children?" She smiled, "We have chosen to live harmoniously with what we have. Ralph’s wage easily covers all of our expenses. We live frugally but with lots of love."

This was amazing and I asked Eugenia how she could stretch their budget, whatever it was, to manage their home, their family, its education, and most of all eating.

"Oh," she said, "eating is one of the easier things. True 12 mouths require quite a volume of food but naturally we are not gluttons when it comes to eating. I have studied nutrition and know what is necessary for my children at their various stages of growth and provide for them the perfect amount of food in the perfect portions and teach them to chew each mouthful 20 times. The kids often laugh at me saying, ‘Mom, how can I chew my milk?’ I reply, ‘Savor it sweetheart, know that every drop is succulent and delicious to the degree it delights your taste buds.’ There is no argument; we have raised them on this philosophy, on this type of a diet and with lots of love."

Then the balanced mother added, "They do not get a lot of food to pig-out-on, but they get enough to build strong bones and healthy bodies-laced with love everlasting."

I questioned Eugenia and Ralph, "How in the world do you find time to share your philosophy of life with 12 children?"

"Our meal times are sacred. We discuss harmonious and beneficial things. There is never an argument or disagreement at the table. We discuss the happy and joyous things of life and live in the now with every topic that comes up. From the little to the big, the happy opinion of each child is sincerely respected. Teaching respect and harmony at the table in this way, each find it the most natural thing in the world and our table time is a happy time," Ralph stated simply without feeling the need to insist that what he was saying was true. "Every evening at mealtime we give each child five minutes to tell what happy thing happened to them that day.

"Once a week, after the dishes are finished, we gather in the living room, all sitting on the floor, to discuss the affairs of the family. If there are any general needs of family members to be observed in a positive manner-as a family- we handle it together with love and respect for the solution. Amazingly there are no problems, sometimes a misunderstanding with a neighbor child, but these are quickly put to rest with seeing the world through our pure eyes. All of a sudden the condition disappears with love."

 Surely your children need attention to their individual needs. Where do your find time to be with them and share with them your love and understanding?

"Simple," smiled Ralph, "we take whatever time is necessary when it is necessary to be with and work with each child."

Wow! I exclaim.

"Truly, my family is my life even while I say I am the central figure in my world. I believe the divine in me and that is where I give my great respect and honor. I believe in this same divine within Eugenia and each of the children individually. Whenever I question anything, I listen within for the answer and I am experienced in hearing it and following it."

"Ralph’s work requires his attention from 8 to 5 for five days of the week. Every evening as the children prepare for bed, he and I take 10 minutes with each child alone to discuss the needs of their day. I know, that is 120 minutes, two full hours to spend with our children in intensive sharing. If they need more time we give it, but we all are practiced in being able to take the important things and think through them in the ten minutes planned. Our children are important to us," she said.

Paul asked, "Dad, what is wrong with me?"

 "Wrong, why, what makes you think there is something wrong?"

 "Well, Dad, this morning when I woke up I had this thing sticking out of my penis and I didn’t know what it was."

"Well, let see now, you are 13 Paul that means your body is developing its manhood and your sperm is checking out to see if all is in order and-all is in order. This is the way your body prepares you for being a father and having children when you get married."

"Wow, Dad, I am preparing to be a father," Paul chuckled.

Marvin had a different question, "Dad, look here, what does this mean, all this hair?"

"Ah so, Marvin, you are maturing beautifully. The pubic hairs indicate you are becoming a man, you are getting mature. What a privilege you have."

"Gee thanks dad, that makes me feel a lot more comfortable."

Marlis had tears in her eyes when she asked her mom, "Mom, you told me menstruation was happening and it was okay, but why is it so messy?"

"Sweetheart as we talked about it before, you are preparing for womanhood and one day being a mother. As you take care of yourself lovingly and carefully now, when it comes time for you to have children they will be born with the ease of popcorn and healthy in every way."

"Thanks mom, it helps to know that, but it is still such a bother."

Ellen was crying a river. She looked at her mom and dad and said, "No one can ever help me!"

Ralph took Ellen in his arms and said, "Love, your mother and I are always here whenever you need us. What is the problem?"

With difficulty the river of pity slowed a bit and Ellen confided that her friend was interested in another girl.

"Do you have the right to have another boyfriend if you want?" She nodded.

"Do you have the right to have a new very ‘bestest’ girlfriend?" She nodded.

"Does Jimmy have the right to have new friends too?" She nodded.

"Here is what you can say to Jimmy!"

The next day in school Ellen went to Jimmy and said, "Jimmy, you and I have been a couple for two years. I understand you are seeing Patricia. She is a very lucky girl. You are a very wonderful boy. Thank you for being my boyfriend, see ya!"

Ralph and Eugenia sleepily went to their room. As they slid under the covers, Eugenia asked Ralph, "How was your day, any problems?"

"No, nothing that turning to the divine in me couldn’t solve. It always works so well."

"I know why I married you, you are the greatest, Ralph, you are so balanced and so loving."

"How about you, my love, any rumbles in your world?"

"No, just the usual one of making our budget stretch to feed the brood."

"Studies done on mice show those fed a normal diet lived a normal lifetime while those fed a near-starvation-diet live five to 12 lifetimes longer in healthy fulfilled bodies. Perhaps there is something to that. We are doing so well with our children and ourselves. If we would make sure that the ‘portions’ we serve to each is just a little smaller, they would live longer and healthier lives too. Just a thought!"

"Okay, sweetheart, we have done it so long, we can prove it even better for everyone as I keep up my budgeting. It is nice to depend on ourselves."

-Dr Herbert L Beierle