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Spring 2007

GIST Magazine
3-year old Ebube visits Campus. Ebube's mom, aunt, grandmother and grandfather are UNI students

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God's Pocket
If I Like Me, Then That Is All That Matters

The Brain Is An Organ Of The Mind

EJ Shares
Illusion or Reality

Practitioner Letter
Facts Are Facts, Right?


God's Pocket - Spring 2007 Issue

If I Like Me, Then That Is All That Matters

HerbThis is a statement that I am inclined to think that only a fool would think. This seems to be irrational and foundationless. Actually, it is just the opposite - this is a statement that a wise man, a genius and an illumined being thinks. This is a statement that has a most profound foundation - I am indeed number one and the only one. Thus, if I know that in liking myself I like the allness and the oneness which is me, I am on the right and only track for me. The business of saying I like me is serious. It takes a hop skip and a jump from the slow-to-respond /mundane self to the knowledgeable self. When I say I like me I am putting a cause in motion which establishes a change in my entire attitude about myself and my life. I am saying of myself that I am worthwhile. I am saying of myself that this being I call myself is truly an outstanding and remarkable essence. I am saying of myself that I am extraordinary. When I say I like me I say I believe in what my inner self reveals to me. I say that wisely I can spontaneously and confidently speak out on any subject, write on any subject and intuitively know any subject whatsoever right now. This takes a giant leap in my selfconfidence and my selfawareness. Now I only listen within and responding only to what I hear from within myself for the selfassurance I choose to experience. Now I do not have to figure it out beforehand nor understand how it works - I truly just accept and let the revelation of my inner rule under every circumstance. All this happens when I say: I like me!

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle