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A Heavenly Journey


     Touching heaven, you want to stay there forever! This happened to me last April when once more I visited our UNI students and friends in Guyana. Checking in at New York Kennedy airport, I was told that there was no seat reserved for me. As a practitioner I saw myself among the happy crowd of hundreds of Guyanese flying home and so it was.
Rev Carol Oliver, student of the University of Healing, setup a one-week-program for lectures and church visits around Georgetown.

     As in 1994, my loving hosts were student Annette Gooding and her husband Yule whose home became the center of many seminars and counseling meetings.

Guyana teachers and study group leaders listened as I told them about the UNI correspondence courses. They were delighted to know how students around the world study at home. In thirty weeks they can earn their bachelor of philosophy degree and concurrently study become a minister. The UNI teaches the eternal principles through which every man may reveal his inherent divinity and purity, may live a more fulfilled life and better understand his fellowman.
     During our meditation, prayer and healing sessions at the Agape Centre of Truth, minister Annette Gooding, a most exhilarating discussion was about the Three-Hour Meditation, done daily from 3-6 am for six months. Some participants were ready to step into this exciting ground-breaking event accepting the discipline, dedication, determination and diligence to the program as a reward for spiritual illumination.

Sunday, April, 18, 1999 the crowded Unity Church of Guyana, dedicated its service to the Corinthian Lodge of the Western Hemisphere of the Scottish Mechanics, for their 89th anniversary. In the absence of UNI student and founder of the church, Rev Gwendoline Egerton, Rev Daniel Fisher orchestrated the special service. In my talk to an enthusiastic audience I shared our birthright: We are divine beings expressing ourselves in the illusion of a physical body. In this game of life we live, being ourselves and having fun. This fun is based on nonjudgmentalism, unconditional love and living untouched by the relative world.
     Under sonorous drum beats and strident trumpets, the Lodge members dispersed marching slowly out of the church waving, singing positive hymns.

In the afternoon the Ascension Prayer Center was jammed for the ordination of UNI student Annette Gooding. On behalf of God Unlimited and in cooperation with Rev Carol Oliver, minister of the center, I invested Annette to her ministry. UNI students Rev Daniel Fisher, Rev Norma Nichols, Joan Leitch and friends Simeon Prescott, Pastor Doris Bayley, wife of Uni student Walter Bayley of the Universal Church of Scientific Truth in Georgetown as well as many special guests supported Annette as she accepted her ordination to conduct her ministerial task.
     In my missive to Annette and the congregation I said: Our ministry starts within ourselves. Each is a minister of their divine calling, ministering first to themselves. Every moment we take the opportunity to renew our vows to God within, claiming the truth: I am God, God I am.
     Affirming her ministerial vow, Annette officially accepted the mantle of "Reverend." Her husband Yule was the first to cheer her as she was ordained. In her speech Rev Annette said: Dreams come true when sincerely dreamt. Today one of my profound dreams came true: to be a minister!
     While visiting Georgetown my tour included a walk along the seawalls. A gentle evening breeze spread my blessings into the clear night sky surrounding Guyana in my pure white love of happiness and infinite prosperity.
     The cricket match Australia against the West Indies became an exciting event for young and old in Georgetown. Though the radio had announced storm and rain, united treatment allowed the game to take place.

I visited schools and preschools. Hundreds of children as they enjoyed singing with me I like me, I like me, I like me, their faces radiated an inner contentment. Student Joan Leitch ready to complete her bachelor of philosophy degree brought me some of her toddlers to-four year old ones. I blessed her flock of angels. I blessed her newly built church. I blessed her cozy home. Grandson Darryl Soul Joan, skipped school to welcome me. He was six when I baptized him "as a genius." He is a super guy.

I enjoyed a lovely drive over the bridge to West Demerara to visit the church Lilies of the Field with teacher Cheryl Bartholomew in the absence of UNI student Rev Marva Edmonds, founder. Although the church was trembling under a heavy rainstorm, the congregation remained untouched and in peace as I spoke.

Again I shared the UNI philosophy with the Sunshine Unity Group. UNI student-teacher Desiree De Souza inspired me to great adventures, I guided the group in an out-of-body journey to the mystical Mount Shasta in California. As we stood obe in the mountain in front of a great white crystal, we each saw reflecting our pure enlightened self.

I visited the always happy congregation of UNI student Rev Shirley Rose of the St Michel’s church at the West Ruimveldt. Her dynamic youthful attitude made going to church there a fun experience. My sharing talk and my meditation were answered with the gentle voices of the church choir welcoming me and the enthusiastic congregation.
     The culmination of the seven-day-visit was a special meditation Rev Oliver and I shared in the quietness and beauty of Georgetown’s Botanic Garden. There in the stillness of our hearts in oneness the birds twittered their love songs celebrating our inner heavenly journey.

Dr Ellen Jermini