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Levels of Competence

HerbGiving seminars is not the same as teaching in a university. Teaching in a university you have students on various levels of accomplishment. In a seminar you can have beginners, graduates, postgraduates and neophytes who have never heard about the subject before. When you teach in a school you have people catalogued and categorized in a way that they are able to digest what is given to them on their level of competence. Seminars do not have this luxury.

     I sincerely love giving seminars. Every seminar that I give I speak to the group on any subject, listening first to their hearts, and then giving information, which they find meaningful and useful to them. Sometimes it is exciting for me, because I never know exactly what it is that I am going to say. I cannot know. I await the indwelling flow to fulfill whatever it is that I understand is being asked by each person present, from their hearts.

     You could quip, "You have your title, the topic on which you are going to talk and therefore actually you know exactly what you are going to talk about." That is only partly correct. While I may know the subject and the general information about that subject, until I am standing before any group of people, how I am going to present the subject and what illustrations I am going to use to tell the story depend solely upon what the vibrations of the audience emanate.

     One of my groups caused me to wax eloquent on Bible topics. When I finished they said, "You make the Bible stories so interesting and understandable, I never liked the Bible before, but now it all seems to make so much sense."

     In every seminar, it is my heartfelt desire to make all of the topics interesting and understandable and have the theme make sense when I have finished. I feel honored to be asked to present seminars and more honored by those noble beings who attend the seminars.

Dr Herbert L Beierle