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I Met God


Ellen          I was standing in line in the bank watching a young Hispanic man holding the hand of his five-year-old son. The little boy saw me smiling at him and coyly looked away. His dad was concentrated on being called to the counter. The youngster playfully twirled around his father’s leg trying to get his attention. Unsuccessfully, he stretched up to reach his daddy’s ear secretly whispering to him. I smiled watching this scene of affection between father and son.

"Do you speak English," I found an excuse to speak to the little boy.

"Only English," responded the young father attentively keeping his eyes on his turn."

Yes!" repeated the little one, happily nodding his head swinging his dad’s arm.

"You love your daddy," I leaned over to the boy with much delight, "you love him very much. I can see! Your daddy is surely the most wonderful daddy in the universe."

The little boy’s eyes bubbled with joy.

"Yes, I love my daddy, this daddy. The other one, he is not nice. I love this one," patting his beloved daddy’s hand.

"His mother’s friend does not treat him nice," the father casually explained, briefly joining our conversation.

"You have two daddies to love?" I asked innocently.

"Two daddies to whom you say, ‘I love you!’ How wonderful! Have you ever told the other daddy that you love him?" Hesitantly he shook his head "no" keeping his big brown eyes on me knowing he owed me an answer.

"Tell your other dad, ‘I love you,’ he will like it. When you are nice, he will be nice."

For a quiet moment the boy’s face was grim and still. Enlightened by an understanding sparkle, his eyes brightened from a dark brown to a lighter shade. He smiled at me remaining mute. I waited thinking: he is a bright little guy, very special, alert and awake.

They left for the counter.

Then out of the silence of the impersonal bank building an angelic voice vibrated, "I love my daddy" cuddling in closer to his dad "he is the most wonderful daddy in the universe. I love him, and I also love my other dad."

I smiled as it had clicked in his little brain! I looked over where my two friends, father and son, were being served. At the counter a friendly young Asian teller repeated in her caring questioning voice, "You love your daddy, he is the most wonderful daddy in the universe?"

"Yes, I love him" it faded into the vastness of the bank.

I met God in this innocent child, the father and the clerk.

Oh yes, I met God in the bank.