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We Talk To Think Aloud


Herb          Why do we like to talk? We like to talk because we like to think aloud. We like to test our ideas on our ears and on the ears of others. We are not interested in their opinions; rather we like to air our thoughts, to feel how they sound.

           As a baby, we coo, we scream, we get attention. When we get attention with cooing we coo a lot. When we do not get attention with cooing, we scream until we get attention. We like to hear what we are saying; we like to hear how it feels. We like to know how the world responds to us.

           It is natural to say lovely things until people maliciously say we manipulate others. So then we say bad things and use bad words but for the same purpose.

           When we grow up, we retain many of these negative habits and wonder why the world responds unkindly to us it worked before.

           Mature, we realize the world uses negative issues to get attention. War, crime and violence fill the pages of newspapers and hour after hour on television.

           Society reaps its greatest harvest from unhappiness.

           If we are inclined to be happy people, we seem to be in the minority. However, there is something about being happy that charms others. Somehow, deep down in their hearts they want peace, joy and happiness too.

           For us that game is over. We know we are seeking attention. Now it is up to us to determine how we want to get attention. Negation brings it quickly. Positive attitudes bring it less quickly but more permanently. When our mind is directed to cooing, to being thrilled in us and in our life, the doorway of abundance love and goodness opens wide before us and pours out its reality to us.

           Being loving we are different from others, but what a wonderful difference. We do like to talk. We fill our world with our thoughts, with our words, with our experiences. We have the choice now to live in a magnificent world of our choosing starting with our thought, our word and our deed. I like that!