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GIST - October 1999 Issue
Our Name, Our Bond!


Ellen          Dr Ellen Wilma Margareta Josepha Elizabeth Jermini

Names have meanings! We choose our personal names for a reason! Each of our names is filled with excitement and glamour, with magic and mystery, with expectations and results but are we really ready to enjoy all that our names mean? I have looked into my names very seriously (notice above).

           Before coming into this life we prepare ourselves well for our earthly journey. We decide on a name or names alluding to the program we set up for the great adventure that lies before us. Our parents encourage our desires. Then we live the life that our self-chosen names could mean.

           Our name is our bond.

           One lady I know has a name most fitting to her profession, to her calling, to her delightful genius.

           She calls herself Celestine, an outstanding UNI student. Her name means angelic, divine, universal, ideal, the heavenly one, so self-explanatory of her vibrant personality and charisma. Celestine revels in her special role here on Earth. She plays the human all the while knowing she is divine.

           Celestine is a God Unlimited minister including being a remarkably fabulous practitioner. She knows her indwelling presence, god within and affirms with self-confidence I am god. Her name is her link in truth. She remembers regardless of any outer confrontation.

           One year Celestine wrote that five of her family members different ages--moved on to their next experiences. It all happened in a row like Job in the Bible facing his tests.

           Yet Celestine, master of her consciousness, remained untouched by the illusions of death. With an unconditionally loving heart, she peacefully blessed her beloveds. She released them to move to their next self-chosen adventure. She remains the balancer in her family. She is Celestine the divine.

           Working for many years in hospitals Celestine blesses and guides people of all ages searching for truth. Blessed with a selfless nature this noble minister often remains unobserved by the many as she lives as a spiritually endowed master, silently and content from within. Her inner sun shines forth Rev Celestine’s divine splendor reflecting deeply in her radiant dark eyes.

           I have met Celestine on many occasions while I have been traveling the world. As an omnipresent angelic being, she appears while I am lecturing in Guyana, her beloved home country. At other times giving seminars in New York and New Jersey, she is there too. You would think we had an appointment!

           The very name Celestine stands for nobility of purpose and personal integrity to me. Her name is her bond!
           Recently she wrote words that powerfully express her purity of heart and divinity of purpose, fully on duty successful practitioner work. She says,

           "One bright clear summer morning I was gathering roses out of my precious garden in New Jersey. I heard the doorbell ring. Still holding the colorful bouquet in my hands, I opened the door. There stood my dear friend Martha. For many years she has been one of my students.

           "‘May I talk to you,’ Martha asked as she nervously leaned against the front door.

           "We sat on the deck chairs on my terrace overlooking the vibrant flowerbeds whose perfume surrounded us. The sweet fragrance competed with the refreshing ice tea we enjoyed.

           "‘I lost my job,’ Martha cried out, desperately. ‘What should I do, I have tons of bills to pay and nothing seems to work in my life?’

           "Practiced as a practitioner I attentively listened to Martha’s lament. She dresses with commanding charm and grace enhancing her good looks, a woman in her forties. I gave her my nonjudgmental caring. I knew that her momentary confused attitude of feeling worthless would soon change. I motivated Martha to a new positive thinking with my sincere listening.

           "Rise up early every morning and look through your window for one week saying I like me, I suggested.

           " Martha knows when I make a suggestion miracles take place hence by her choice she followed through.

           "It was not yet the end of the week and Martha was on the phone. Her eager voice was full of excitement. I knew she had results!

           "‘There is so much for me to be thankful for,’ Martha exclaimed! You know it, I did what you told me. I rose early every morning. I shouted I LIKE ME so strongly the windows rattled in my upper floor bedroom.

           "’The first morning I sat there melancholically pushing my nose against the window. I saw a man without legs being pushed in a wheel chair.

           "’The second morning I saw a blind woman crossing the street, led by a child.

           "’The third morning I saw a man rummaging through the garbage for something to eat.

           "’I got it and I woke up from my melancholy. I realize that I have much to be thankful of. I have both my feet and can walk for miles. I enjoy good eyesight. I see beauty in all the world. I have an abundance of food.

           "’I have so much more.

           "’I now am positively in charge of my thoughts.’

           "Martha woke up. She claimed her challenge with enthusiasm, with a new vision of herself. With an attitude of success she found her perfect work, even more fulfilling than she had before. Instead of the former pitiful Martha, a miracle lady arose shining out the dynamic divine Martha. She stood up for her real name. MARTHA: divine!

           "Martha’s story is a real story," Celestine insisted.

           Our name is our bond!

           Celestine is an example of living her name. She claims, I AM GOD, GOD I AM. We can too!