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GIST - October 1999 Issue
Church/UNI 24 Years Old



Birthdays are always great fun. For the past 24 years, we at the Church of God Unlimited/University of Healing have been celebrating birthdays. Much has happened during these wonderful years. The Church and UNI have encompassed the globe bringing the philosophy of I AM GOD, GOD I AM to countless millions. While it is true other organizations, religions, schools and individuals are sharing a similar philosophy, we thoroughly enjoy the manner in which we share.

Seminars In America

          Throughout the years the words of Jesus the Christ, Socrates, world religions and world philosophers have espoused the concept of all being God. All gently, proclaim the truth that God is all therefore, we must be God too! So simple, yet so intensive.

          I started to write books. I wrote tongue in cheek not wanting to be too far out. However my son Mark read my writings and said, "Dad, this is not what YOU believe."

          I took Mark to heart and wrote what I believed. I discarded all of my previous writings and my previous tapes and lectures and wrote on the all one God concept.

          I wrote the Art and Science of Wholeness. In this book, I describe that man is God and God is man. I give the reasons why this is so. I develop the thesis of the allness of God, which has been done by many before me, however not in just the special way I choose to do it.

          I went about Southern California speaking to Religious Science churches, to Unity School of Christianity churches, to Methodist churches, to nondenominational churches of every description, to colleges and universities, to service clubs, wherever I could be invited. I told of my travels and talks to colleges, universities and public groups in Czechoslovakia, Russia, Germany, Austria, Canada and around the world describing spiritual mind healing. This topic was eagerly greeted. The topic of I am God was accepted but reluctantly.

          Year after year I told audiences everywhere what philosophers and primarily the greatest philosopher who ever lived, Jesus the Christ, said you are god, what I have done you can do also and greater things than I ever thought of doing, be perfect even as God in you is perfect, and many more impressive statements lifting the listeners into a positive frame of reference for their spiritual awareness.

          Each year the number of members joining the Church of God Unlimited grew boundlessly. Each year the number of students matriculating in the University of Healing grew joyfully. Their lives changed from purposeless existence to recognizing that they are indeed God and all of God.

          We had several homes but always in the Campo California area. Always lots of acres. Always primitive exterior while the spiritual qualities within soared.

          Mark continued to work with me as the organization grew. He traveled with me in the United States and always was the primary critic for my writings.

          Everywhere I traveled, I gave seminars proclaiming I am God, God I am to all who would listen. Happily, many listened, and those listening became students and dedicated to assisting in sharing the philosophy.

          The Song of the Spirit followed sharing the concept of releasing our relative ways and moving into our spiritual path more fully. This was followed by Illumination, Handbook of Ascended Masters defining the conduct of one living in a master consciousness.

1978 K O Schmidt

          Students matriculated from all over the world. K O Schmidt from Germany, a well-known author and spiritual exponent, was one of our students. In one of his books, he extols God Unlimited/University of Healing to his wide European readership.

          Kurt Schweighart read Schmidt’s report and contacted us immediately. He matriculated in the colleges and hosted me in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. I spent months lecturing to groups and seminars throughout Europe. Felix Aeschbacher and Sylva Bachmann became hosts for my seminars in their respective countries of Switzerland and Italy.

          The books of the UNI were seen and heard on Swiss television, in Italy, Germany, France, Austria and other countries. Translations were in great demand. It was a joy to work with all of these eager people around the world.

          Some of our seminars took us to Egypt. Some of our seminars took us to South America. Some of our seminars took us to Canada. Many of our seminars took us across the breath and depth of America concentrating on New England, New York, New Jersey, Delaware and California, Arizona, Oregon, Nevada and many other locations.