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GIST - November 1999 Issue
Change In Life Is Fun


Herb           Sometimes my priorities in life get confused over my habits and the manner in which I do things. It is easy to think that what I have been doing and the manner in which I have been doing it is the only way. Binding me to outmoded systems defeats my growth in all areas of my life.


          This is true for young or old.

          As a child, I was trained how to conduct my life. How to tie my shoes, to wash the dishes, to organize my time all valid when I learned them, but later they limited my advancing experiences.

          Car dealers sell used cars "as is" with no guarantee. My experiences in life come to me "as is" and there is no proof that what I see and hear is right. I always make that decision for myself.

          I have just completed a tour of twenty-five states, visiting old haunts where I have lived and worked, reminiscing with relatives, but most charming of all, sharing with UNI students throughout America. With my students, I observed, they thought I brought a ‘bit of campus’ with me. Truly, I did just that.

          For one thing my meal blessing: This food is healthy for my body and filled with love, proved to be one of the most treasured treatments. I am accustomed to prayers at mealtime I learned with my family that long since have lost its meaning. Now with this simple affirmation, a new quality is given to my meals.

          Students, family and friends around the country now enjoy this harmonious dining statement. If I were staid in the happenings and the rules of my childhood, I would not change so easily.

          As I make decisions for myself daily, I change to fit my growing awareness. I find life is fun and richer in every way.

          It is time I take life ‘as is’ and accept a ‘bit of campus’ or newness from time to time to put greater fun in life. I especially like that!