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GIST - November 1999 Issue
Light of Exploration



        Healing is lots of fun. However, exploring and knowing what healing is all about is much more fun. Healing is returning to our original purity and integrity. It is not changing the present, but claiming our reality. So returning my thought about my creation and myself to its original purity and integrity makes healing lots of fun.

Chicago Theological Seminary

          The world has changed since I was a student at the University of Chicago in the Chicago Theological Seminary. From my single room I looked out of my dormitory window. Across the quad and the street, I would see the Quarman scrolls being prepared for interpretation just after they were found in the mountains near Palestine.

          The university buildings were largely built during the 1869 Gothic Revival of the 12th to 16th Century architecture. I would stand with my fellow theological students and peek through the gothic arched windows. Gawking, I observed the talented manner in which scientists and theologians unrolled the ancient scrolls, found in the hills of Palestine where the Essenes lived. The Essenes were a monastic brotherhood made up of Jews of Palestine. They wrote the documents telling similar stories as found in the New Testament. They wrote in their native Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke.

          In September 1999 I visited campus. Years have now passed. The buildings in their antiquity do look the same. The students seem younger than I remember myself after getting out of service from the Second World War. The streets are the same. The trees are the same. The lawns are the same. But something was missing.

What was missing was the amazement of exploration into education by the many young people with whom I spoke.

          The university young people today have computers, which with a touch of their fingertip, bring up fabulous stories of religion, philosophy, history. With this information float up pictures of these ancient ones, or at least what artists would portray them looking like. Education takes a new twist but still something is missing. I could not put my finger on it immediately, but after forgetting about it, the thought came to me, these young people do not have the excitement, wonder and awe of exploration. They have everything given to them "as fact" and they are not to question it.

          I questioned the Essene documents. I sought to see the scrolls. I wondered whether they were ancient indeed or a mere forgery. From my exploration, I gained respect for the people who lived the lives of Essenes and the problems they faced. The goat shepherd lad who serendipitously stumbled on the urns holding these scrolls played a dynamic role in this adventure. The adventure I delight in to this day.

          Later I met Dr Edmond Bordeaux Zekely, an Essene student, whose books on their lives were fascinating. I could not ‘believe’ everything he wrote, even though his medical doctorate qualified him to be aware of many things. It conflicted with my understanding of logic; however, later I came to know that what he wrote was valid. My respect for him grew. My respect for his writings grew. Still later, I lived on his famed Montague de Mille de Meditations in Campo to begin my own personal quest into inner spirituality through my creating the University of Healing.

          There I wrote my first books surrounded by historical figures and symbols, illumining my mind and heart as I wrote the story of my philosophy.

          My philosophy is the eclectic combination of the similar teachings of the great philosophers, religious leaders and thinkers of all time.

          I will never cease my search within myself. This naturally includes everything I have created in the world in which I live. I pray that I never lose the excitement, amazement, wonder and awe of exploration into the essence of life. I feel very comfortable living in this world of miracles constantly revealing themselves to me.

Sometimes Just For The Fun Of It

          Everyone likes to look at beautiful things. This could be the countryside, the heavens or creation. I stand spellbound viewing the miracles of mechanical things such as cars, airplanes and houses. My son has built the Odyssey, a lovely ultra light powered plane. As we walked through his hanger facing his runway he said, "Dad, want to go for a flight." Instantly I agreed and in moments was taxing up the runway and power check into a glorious flight. Then he said, "Dad, just for the fun of it, you fly!" I took the controls and his creation flew positively and perfectly. He showed me its stall, which was just a whisper in the air, as it remained stable gliding through the heavens. All too often, we reject opportunities to have fun. I rarely say "No." I like to do things sometimes just for the fun of it.