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GIST - December 2000 Issue
Set The Wizard Free

Herb      It is exciting to think of being a spiritual master. It is exciting to dream that I am able to do the wonderful magical mystical things I envision a master being able to do. It is fun to take off in flights of fancy and imagine that I am the wizard genius flamboyant charismatic person I respect and admire. Dreaming is lots of fun. I like to dream. I mentally and physically do everything to make my dreams come true.
       I consciously make my flights of fancy leap into reality, a manifest illusion, as I know I am worthy of enjoying such a marvelous gift. I look at the positive words in the dictionary where a "wizard" is one who is in harmony with his inner self and lives expressing every thought and action in harmony with that awareness.
       Jesus fulfills this definition of a wizard, so do Socrates, philosophers and religious leaders by the score down the centuries.
       Within you and me is the fire of imagination and illumination. Within is the desire to do great and wonderful things. Within is the capacity and genius to reveal things the world has never seen or even realized was possible to be seen. I know this of myself. Everyone knows this of themselves. I put aside my human thinking for my divine thinking and can and do do all things.
       Now is the day I release myself to be all that I am. I listen to the divine within. I take three hours daily to listen within. I empower and ennoble myself with the confidence of an awareness that is endless, all powerful and very good!

Dr Herbert L Beierle