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GIST - December 2000 Issue
I Know What I Want
And I Know How To Get It!

     If I know what I want I can get what I know I want.

       My choice in life is to be myself and have fun. This is not as easy as it sounds on the surface. Being myself means I must know who I am and understand my direction and purpose in life. Having fun is not a diversion, it is being fulfilled to the depths of my physical, mental and spiritual being. This is a fun game. It is a game I may learn to play intelligently.
       My life is an illusion. I may as well create an illusion that excites and amuses me.
       I know my direction in life. I am clear. Knowing myself I am myself and have fun when I am clearly aware of what myself is and what fun is.
       Walking my divine path requires that I follow principle. It requires that I know who and what I am. To stay on the path takes diligence, discipline, dedication and determination. I utilize every technique I have available to me.

I Need A Technique

       When I have trouble with mathematics I cannot blame mathematics for my poor ability to learn. I can only turn my attention to the technique of learning which functions in the field of mathematics. What functions in this field is the repetitive saying of obtuse statements such as: Two times two equals four. The historical meaning behind this condition likely is irrational and illogical. I do not have to know why the word two and the word times and the word two and equals spell out four, an equation defining multiplication.
       I believe in the larger world about me which now uses such an equation and I learn that repetition of the concept makes it an acceptable information pack for me. After a short time of saying the formula again and again I accept this oblique fact that this concept functions whether it is true or not is not in question. It works!
       A student asked the other day: If I do not know what I want how can I get what I do not know that I want?
       On the surface this appears to be confusing, diametrically opposed within itself and yet it is a logical syllogism out of deductive reasoning.
       Since I may not know what I want I do not know how to get what I do not know what I want.
       Within me is an intelligence far greater than I have ever expressed, much less experienced. As I tap my inner genius I will know what it is that I want and I will know how to achieve what I desire. This inner wisdom is fully aware of my desires and choices and places them directly in my experience for me to use and enjoy.
       This inner wisdom is a concept, just as mathematics is a concept. To enjoy the concept I entertain it just the way I entertained mathematics using the technique which functions to manifest its results. I use statements such as two times two equals four. My desires are the same as a mathematical concept. Though I may now know my desire or choice, I can say: I know what I want and I know how to get it now.
       I can also say: I live a harmonious life. I am surrounded by harmonious beings. I am peace. I am love. I am joy. I create all this about me with my thought about them now. I know what makes me happy. I know what makes me fulfilled. I know what my desires and choices are right now!
       Whatever I concentrate my attention upon comes up in my life.
       As I concentrate my attention on health, I live in a healthy body.
       As I concentrate my attention on abundance, I am rich beyond my fondest imagination.
       As I concentrate my attention on peace on Earth, peace abounds.

Just A Cottin’ Pickin’ Minute

       Hold on there, I could easily conclude, if I speak my word for these benefits in my life, again and again, why do they not happen in my life right now too?
       I speak my word for a healthy body, but still I have little and big sicknesses.
       I speak my word for abundance, but still I hardly have enough to exist on.
       I speak my word for peace, and look at the papers, war seems to be everywhere.
       Just as I did not learn mathematics the first time I spoke my formula for its program, I had to repeat it constantly and consistently. I had to speak it firmly even though I made mistakes in my mathematics. I had to memorize the details and put them into practice in a large variety of ways until at last I experienced them working in an infinite number of ways.
       For the fun of it, I would work it foreword and backward, I would practice the mathematics in remotely unreasonable ways to get it to do the impossible. Because I followed the principle, because I remained true to the technique through which it functioned, I was able to make mathematics sing and dance for me in a wonderful ballet all of its own.
       The mystery of mathematics was solved and I was able to use it for its natural purpose.

Science Of Physics

       Arequired reading book in the University of Philosophy is FLATLAND, a universal romance of many dimensions. Written by Edwin Abbott Abbott, a leading British educator, headmaster of the City of London School, classicist, theologian and Shakespearean scholar whose hobby was the study of higher mathematics.
       The book exploits the power of analogy between the limitations of humans and its two dimensional characters. A unique guide through the concepts of relativity and multiple dimensions of space populated by a hierarchical society of regular geometrical figures acting all so human.
       A description of many dimensions with its nothingness and its allness: NO dimension the dot, FIRST dimension the line, SECOND dimension the flatland, THIRD dimension the spaceland or cube, and on. A most persuasive mathematical thesis telling the story of beings living on a variety of dimensions from a philosophical scientific impossibly correct viewpoint.
       It has the reader venture into the land of physics. The reader views existence from the vantage point of a dot, no dimension, Pointland. A blind existence. All existence has only the substance of a dot about itself.
       Further is the first dimension of the line or Lineland, and how it sees existence. Then comes the square or Flatland, and circle. Later comes Spaceland with the cube and ball or sphere.
       How these "objects" see their world is both fascinating and enlightening.
       I had been for so long seeing the allness of the universe from my limited perspective. As I condition, train and educate myself to see from the variety of dimensions known in the physical universe, the vastness of the unlimited universal concept’s potentiality are revealed in their plethora of expressions. Living from this center, my mind hurtles through the vast unknown, a thought unknowable until it emerges from the denseness of human existence into the fineness of infinite awareness.
       And still my learning curve continues to expand. Still I find new horizons dancing before my eyes like sugar plum fairies seeking my attention.
       I am open to all adventures. I am open to the infinite variety of possibilities which I am. In my openness I experience my reality however, just a small bit of it, for I am ready now for all of it.

Ordination of two of our Canadian Students during the Silver Anniversary Celebration. From left: Dr Aline Cote, Dean Dr Herbert L Beierle, Rev Dolores Cheeks.
     If I do not know what I want how can I get what I do not know that I want—I open my eyes and look and listen within to the truth about me.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle