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GIST - February 2001 Issue
South Pacific Visits

HerbFebruary 12th Dr Ellen Jermini, UNI marketing director and I head out for a 47-day-tour of New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines and Taiwan. During that time I will give a minimum of 65-one-hour- lectures, counsel, enroll potential students in the UNI and be available.

       UNI student, Dr Katarina Suter and her mate Autahi will greet us at Christchurch. We will give two days of puppet lectures: WHY I LIKE ME. Wherever we have given puppet talks people have become as little children eager for the story development. After two days of these charming plays, we have a two-day seminar planned in Darfield: THE MAGIC OF BELIEVING.

       Hosted by UNI student Rev Heinz Oertli of Golden Bay my first talk there is Monday, February 14 I will be in Nelson for a two-hour-evening introductory lecture: THE KEY TO HAPPINESS.

       Thursday begins a three-day seminar: THE NAKED GOD, Revealing Our True Self at the Golden Bay Westhaven Retreat.

       Friday and Saturday will be the gala wedding of Rev Heinz and Cynthia Baur. Marui natives will present special music and dancing and many other delightful activities will take place. I will be doing the honor of the minister performing the wedding.

       Old time friend and student from Andromeda in Minnesota Peggy Carter and her son Terry will host a seminar at their home in Golden Bay for one day with four - sparkling - hour - long - lectures on: THE TRUTH ABOUT MY REAL SELF.

       Monday I am back in Nelson for an introductory evening for two hours on the topic: THE DIVINE TRANSFORMATION.

       Tuesday I give a two-hour-introductory-lecture in Wellington entitled: THE NAKED GOD Revealing Our True Self.

       Wednesday in Napier I give a two-hour-introductory program entitled: WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF MY LIFE.

       Thursday I am in Tauranga for a two-hour-introductory talk: WHO IS MASTER OF YOUR LIFE!

       Friday evening in Auckland, I give a two-hour-introductory talk: THE TRUTH ABOUT THE DIVINE HUMAN.

       Saturday and Sunday I give a seminar-workshop in Auckland: THE ART AND SCIENCE OF WHOLENESS.

       Wednesday, March 7 I will be in Sydney Australia at the Theosophy House giving a lecture: TEN COMMANDMENTS OF SELF HEALING.

       Saturday I will speak at the Theosophy House in Sydney giving a four- hour-workshop: TEN COMMANDMENTS OF LIVING IN A HIGHER STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

       Wednesday, March 14 I will be in Victoria at the Melbourne Lodge of the Theosophical Society conducting the workshop: SPIRITUAL WHOLENESS.

       Saturday in South Australia I will be at the Adelaide Lodge giving a one-day-seminar: HAPPY WITHOUT REASON.

       Tuesday Ellen and I fly to the Manila where Thursday I will speak before the TOPPP congregation, Temple of Prayer, Peace and Prosperity under the direction of Rev George Sisson. My topic is: HAPPY WITHOUT REASON. Sunday I will address the Temple congregation again.

       Monday we fly Taiwan to set up a link for students of Taiwan and all of China to take the courses of the University of Healing and to establish future lecture and seminar engagements there. Thursday we fly home!

Dr Herbert L Beierle