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GIST - February 2001 Issue
Learning Happens With Love

     Learning happens when love is the teaching tool. A sledge hammer never results in learning nor does a student remain with the training program. Love is the tool to unlock the door of our inner wisdom. In all learning we reveal to ourselves what we already know.

Master of 'Love Teaching'

       Over the years I have worked with some truly amazing spiritually illumined beings. Each one has sought to express the finest and best which lay within them. Each lovingly respect the study program and the sharer. Each boundlessly grow in revealing their divine purity and goodness. They are a delight to teach, to share and to catalyze.
       Over the years I have also worked with some pretty hardheaded students. They would listen with "half an ear" and then say that what was said was not said, even after listening to it on the tape or disk player. 
       The tendency in some students is to "turn off" the teacher. When the teacher is tough or strong with a student, he will say "kill the teacher" and I want to find someone who is gentle and loving. 
       If all teachers from kindergarten through college, and even university professors, could somehow know that they "teach" nothing, they are the catalyst for the student, the motivator for the one "learning," to realize that the pupil already knows whatever it is he is studying, teaching would be much easier. 
       We have seen this true in all areas of life. The knowledge-facts-came from somewhere in the beginning. Omniscience is in all beings, in all sentient life, regardless of how we feel some forms are of a lower level of awareness than the thinking being we are. We can train to believe in ourselves; to know that all knowledge exists in our brains, in our minds. It is just up to us to let it be revealed. We can magnetically draw it out. We can memorize it to have it be known to us when we want it. And-as easily-we can forget what we gain through such methods. We are designed to tune in to our mind through our brain on the level of our inner field of allness which embraces such information. Socrates was a master of "love teaching" as he would gently question his students about a subject in which they were interested. He asked one question after another allowing the individual to come up with his own conclusion. 
       Certainly Socrates knew the question, he knew the answer and he knew that if the student did not come to his own conclusion, based upon asking the student leading and beneficial questions which would cause him to think about what was being discussed, he would logically take some far-out response and miss the point all together. 
       This is pure love. 
       To do this does not take patience. For patience means the teacher is thinking about what the student is not doing. Socrates thought about what the student wanted to do for himself. What sort of a response would be meaningful in his life to strengthen him to think for himself and be a "voice to be counted on" when it came to decision making. These were the sons of the legislators. These were the next generation of senators who would govern their country. Socrates in an amusing way tested them to think "for themselves" and not be "yes men" to the dominant political figures of their day. Thinking people who had learned to not only listen to their first thought, but to act upon it. 
       This was the gift Socrates gave to his students, unconditional love.
       Socrates had no agenda.
       He had no class schedule. Even as Socrates was not paid to teach in his Academia, he had only one thing in mind, to entice the young men to listen within to their "own" hearts and think for themselves on all levels of virtue and law. He succeeded so well that the youngsters did not realize how they jeopardized their teacher by saying that he told them what to think, while all the while Socrates only taught them HOW to think, not WHAT to think.
       Socrates as a man was dispensable.
       Socrates as a philosopher stood up for what he taught, what he believed, for the principles he shared with his students. And so, for this he gave his life standing for what he believed. This is a noble form of love, even as Jesus shared it. 
       Now it is up to us to consider whether we are capable of learning through the technique of love. Or, do we need the sledge hammer? If we can learn by love we will take everything unconditionally to our heart and be without judgment or possession. If we choose the sledge hammer, we will kill the teacher, we will hate the program and we will run away from the learning experience of becoming aware of knowing what we already know. 
       This is a never-ending-story. 
       It has no agenda nor time schedule. 
       Revealing our inner universal wisdom in this way is loving ourselves and being ourselves under all circumstances. 
       We will not worship another, their wisdom and spirituality. We claim our own purity, goodness, right action, peace, harmony, love and wholeness in all areas of our life. This is our heritage and it is ours now. 
       This is how learning happens by love.

The Dream And The Dreamer

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.
-Albert Einstein

       We have a brain and we have a mind. The brain is our computer and the mind is our program. The brain is a mechanical object which functions according to its ability to function genetically, physically and psychologically. It is bound by its format to express itself. 
       The mind is the Universal Source of all knowledge with which we are one. It is unlimited. It expresses itself through the brain in a variety of programs so vast it hardly seems possible it could be happening that way. 
       As we question the flights of fancy that flow through our brain and wonder whether it could be true or not, we are reminded that whatever we can conceive of and believe in, we can achieve. Nothing is impossible. However broad and imaginative the thought may be, the information in the brain may be, it is possible to experience it. 
       We question our brain, our awareness of a concept, not so much to doubt it, but in thinking how we can accomplish this most amazing task, this most remarkable present illusion and bring it into manifestation. 
       As we are curious about the dreams in our brain, we encourage them to be illumined by our mind so that the dream can be fulfilled. There must be a sense of possibility in the brain coming out of the mind for the brain to pursue the possibility of expressing the concept. The very act of curiosity turns the brain to the mind for illumination. In this very movement, the mind begins to flood the brain with ways in which to realize the dream. 
       Scientists, artisans and philosophers all naturally enter the mind for a download of their dream content. Doing this they surprise even themselves. As they open the box of magic, miracles pour forth and all the world says "Yes!" we are ready for your dream fulfillment. Science fiction writers, fiction writers of amazing stories, all these strange and marvelous people have entered the world of questioning and curiosity. They have probed the inner reaches of their mind and have been rewarded with stories that excited them and their readers. 
       Inventors brought forth their own brand of practical magic from their dreams dreamed while they were awake and asleep. The wheel, the magic of medical drugs, the creation of metal fabrication from brass, iron, gold, aluminum, steel and an infinite variety more. Even now they are imagining the impossible to bring forth the possible from their mental machinations. 
       We have so long thought the brain was the source of energy and wisdom for thinking. The brain, while magnificent, is but an instrument or tool with which the mind acts in mankind's life. Instantly the mind showers the brain with more possibilities than the brain is trained to ingest. This does not need to remain this way. As we inspire our curiosity and "believe" what is showered upon us, we will be rich beyond imagination. 
       Dream the impossible dream and watch it manifest. 
       You are vital and your questions to yourself are important. The infinite in you has heard any question you might ask, so be sure to ask even the most outrageous question, the most inane and the most stupid of questions. The answer is there "in full" for you right now. Our purpose in living is to be ourselves and have fun. Just as curiosity has its own reason for existing, so we have our own reason for existing. Our reason is to tune into the infinite storehouse within us and let it pour out into our lives and into our affairs.

This day I tune in on my mind and let it flow forth the greatness which I am, the greatness which all my creation are, the greatness which is awaiting my acceptance of it right now.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle