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GIST - May 2001 Issue
Heart To Heart

Herb   Traveling throughout the world is an exciting adventure in itself. Traversing the globe and sharing with people everywhere the magic of my selective thinking makes every word I speak an inner tickle for me.
   The universe is change, our life is what our thought makes it, I am told by Marcus Aurelius. I know this and I may apply it consciously to my everyday life. I like that. So this is where I come in. I live what I believe and this is what makes it so marvelous in sharing with others. They are often incredible asking, Are you for real! I have often said this. Am I for real! Oh my, yes, a thousand times yes.
   In the environs of New Zealand, Australia, Philippines and Taiwan during February and March, with my associate Ellen, I visit hundreds of people and each is a reflection of what I think about myself. Each, needless to say, is fabulous.
   I play this game with everyone.
   A common phrase I use is that I believe every being I meet, regardless of age or life experience, each one lives a life exactly like my own, including each experience, the education and the desires which I have known and express in fulfillment. I look at every person and see god, I see a happy heart, I see a life thrilling momently to unconditional love.
   No matter where I am in the world this feeling of oneness is present. I instantly embrace everyone each delighted that I feel as they do. They hug me back, heart to heart.
   I like me. I believe in myself. I know I create my world. I know I create my wonderful world. I like my body. I thrill in its wholeness. I like my mind. I enjoy its uniqueness bustling with imagination, yet one with every mind I create in my world. I like my spirit. It is life in me, my connection in me of my allness. It is the sense I have of my reality. I am myself and have fun—and so do all of my creation.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle