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GIST - May 2001 Issue
Commandments For Life


   Traveling around the world is exciting. Visiting our South Pacific Rim friends and students these past months is illuminating beyond words. Their enthusiasm and brilliance in living the philosophy of -Being Myself and Having Fun-being demonstrated time and again.

New Students Are A Joy

   Ellen will tell of the adventures in New Zealand. Nothing ever happens by chance. Contrary to my plans I was unable to be with her there, but joined her in Australia.
   Celia Navy, general manager of the Sydney Theosophical Society, welcomed us to their center, library and book store. A crowd larger than they have ever known attended, Celia reported. Intensely and critically interested in this American, the audience listened as I discussed the Ten Commandments of Self Healing. 
   After the lecture word was out and many came to the Wednesday Workshop. One eager participant was Theosophist Eileen Wilkinson who called all of her friends. Some who could not attend came to our hotel and wanted to know what God Unlimited/University of Healing was all about.Leslie John Suli, UNI's new Australian representative After an enlightening discussion each enthusiastically endorsed the philosophy and signed up as students. Leslie John Suli is now our Australia representative. He said the simplicity of this philosophy is what he sought a long time. Elizabeth Mary Alexander knew it would change her life and set the course for her entire family to experience balance and wholeness. Julie Wall heard the lecture and immediately submitted her application as a student. Each of their UNI course lessons are coming in regularly and enthusiastically. 
   As each sat in our hotel suite they told us stories of their lives and how while they had known these principles they applied them differently. 
   I insisted that whatever is past is inconsequential, we begin to live our lives from this moment. We are uninterested in anything that has gone before. Then the past holds no ownership or control over us. We are born new every moment as we decide to exercise the Law of cause and effect, and put another cause into motion for its effect.
   Each felt it was so easy to understand and to apply it—however, it takes a little bit of selfawareness to stick with the new attitude they are developing for themselves.
   I countered that if we concern ourselves with what we think is the new attitude we will remain with the old attitude. As we open our mind and heart to our highest and best IT manifests. It is one of the commandments of self healing.

These are the commandments I shared with the group:
1. I think wholeness.
2. I act wholeness.
3. I live wholeness.
4. I create all in my world whole.
5. I determine to watch beneficial media.
6. I determine to share positive experiences.
7. I determine to surround myself with positive beings.
8. I determine to find the good in all people, places and things.
9. I determine to let my imagination take flight.
10.I know I am NUMBER ONE under all circum stances.

Theosophical Society   The next meeting was a workshop in the Theosophical center sharing the topic: Ten Commandments of Living in a High State of Consciousness.
   I used two of my hand puppets to illustrate past conditioning and what it takes to develop present conditioning. One puppet, Mr Hippo, talked with Chippy the Chipmunk. Chippy had lost his parents long ago. Mr Hippo, a river horse, befriended him inviting the Chipmunk to become a member of his hippopotamus river-bottom grass-eating family. The first things Chippy learned were the values that guided Mr Hippo’s life. The standard of honesty, goodness and love were stressed. Chippy had had no guidance in these principles and thought all the nuts in the forest belonged to him even though others had collected them for their own hoard. The audience was charmed with the two performers and saw what it meant for Chippy to put another cause in motion to live in this alien hippo community, a new community for him, to be in Mr Hippo’s world.
   The five hour workshop actually intensive lectures interspersed with question and answer periods sped by with many smiles and laughter, happy illumination and satisfaction. A less skeptical and critical audience now. 
   After the meeting Ellen was there to make our books and pamphlets available. They were sold out and everyone wanted me to sign their literature and books. Signing was not enough, each wanted to actively talk with me as I penned a thoughtful statement on their cover page. For me this is a great pleasure and a personal insight into each of those asking for the books.
   We attended the Unity School of Christianity church in Sydney under the direction of Rev Elva Holcombe who greeted us with open arms as Theosophist and Unity student Isabelle Salazar introduced us. We circulated with her congregation and gave out a GIST and Syllabus to everyone who asked. We were introduced and invited to share refreshments with them. One psychologist talked to me at length saying, The principle works. After talking to you I have a new insight into my profession, she mused.

Adelaide Pours Out Love

   More and more visitors came to the hotel suite for sharing and counseling. All too quickly the time passed and we flew to Adelaide to the South Australia Theosophical Society headquarters to share with this group. Several in the audience cried and felt a sense of relief and renewal as I again conducted Living in a High State of Consciousness workshop. Things in the presentation touched many people in the audience.
   One man said he is 86-years-old and had not heard the principle explained as clearly as this. My life has just begun! I can decide what I will do, how I will feel and how I will act. Everyone smiled, thinking this octogenarian was too far through life to make a difference for himself. He did not think that way. He hugged me heart to heart, as he said, It had never meant anything to me before, now I feel unconditional love pouring through my entire being.
   Everyone loosened up. The president related that he had used principle effectively in securing this outstanding new Theosophical Society building. Someone whose business was close to their former downtown location wanted the society’s property. Guided from within, the president told the businessman, Give me a property I can accept-anywhere in town-and we will trade. The man found and purchased their present site more glorious than their previous site and in a far better location for their purposes-and the businessman continues to support the Society and its miracle buildings. The president said, I believed it would function and it did, just as you are sharing with us today.
   I spoke before the Unity School of Christianity Church in Adelaide. Minister Rev Beth Whitters invited us to stay to share refreshments. A cavalcade drove us to the airport for Manila.
   Come back soon again, they eagerly asked. They love our enthusiasm and conviction. Sydney and Adelaide received us well. During our next visit we will include the other major cities of Australia.

Magic Of Manila

   Our next stop is the Philippines. Flying over the Philippines is an adventure in grandeur. Manila itself is a glorious picture from the air. Once on ground, Manila is a tangled traffic jam, but nothing we could not straighten out.
Leila Nicascio-Panares and Alma Silla of the Temple of Prayer, Peace and Prosperity, greet us. They continue as our closest contact in this glorious land. George F Sison, spiritual leader and lecturer of the temple, has one of his cars call upon us to take us to the towering edifice. Our first seminar is Happy Without Reason where I explain we exaggerate life and watch it expand. It is given to a most appreciative audience.
   On Sunday my topic is The Art and Science of Wholeness. Two themes are shared, one, we paint and sculpt any form we choose and call it ourselves; and, the science of wholeness is consistency-all our thinking. I sat before a tremendous wall mural depicting Prosperity, Peace, Prayer and Life directly behind the pulpit, this amazing and colorful tableau was engraved in gold with the term I Am That I Am. 

   George Sison is elected Filipino INTA District President. His secretary Bernadette C Martin, provides space for us to display our books, GIST and SYLLABUS. They are quickly purchased. Ruby and Zaldy Calampiano invited us to an Italian restaurant for an evening of sharing. I noted how Filipino drivers use the lines to drive on and not in the spaces and how this is contrary to what they agreed when they took their driver’s licenses. Within a hair’s breath they miss one another on the road with amazing accuracy. 

The streets also tend to be littered. I said it is important to put a cause in motion, Filipino drivers drive between the lines harmoniously and the streets are clean of litter. Back at our Atrium Hotel, Ellen remarked something different seemed to have happened in the city as we drove home. I asked her what she thought it was. She was not sure. I reminded her, the people are driving between the lines and the streets are free of litter. She laughed understandably and admitted, yes that is true. Even Ruby struggled to drive between the lines rather than following a long standing habit of driving on the lines. We both thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Law of cause and effect working so smoothly.
   Filipino Angie V Salanio wrote campus for course information. She greeted us in the Temple. Angie signed up as a student during one of Sison’s bountiful hosted dinners in his restaurant Stars of Giorgio on the first floor of his multistoried Priscilla Building, named for his mother. William Rosario signed up as a student and is applying for a visa to study on campus. Leila Nicascio- Panares, Alma Silla and Ellen Rodillo, also have matriculated in the UNI. 
   In the restaurant I was honored for my forthcoming 74th birthday April 2nd. A grand cake with one candle was presented to me, regardless that I am still but 25 years old, while each of those present read positive words of light for my coming year and extended their blessing.
   Saturday Alma drove Leila, Ellen, their friend, Ellen and me over the Philippine countryside. We see Taal, the smallest volcano in the world, spawning two delectable rare species of fish popular with the natives. We tour the famous Palace in the Sky created by former First Lady Imelda Marcos and located in Tagaytay City. We meet Tagaytay City Mayor Francis N Tolentino as he officiates over a charity sponsored by former First Lady Amelita ‘Ming’ Ramos whose husband, former President Fidel V Ramos, is presently retained by Filipino President Gloria Macapagal Arroya aka Kabibiganni. Also present is the chief executive of the Cavite Provence of the Philippines, Governor Ramon Revilla jr and his first lady Lani Marcado. Both the governor and his wife are actors. The governor’s father, Senator Ramon Revilla, is also an actor.

Yoyo And Lilia In Taipei

   Then on to Taiwan, the "glorious diamond" of the Pacific Rim. In Taipei we met a host of beautiful people. Ellen will describe some of the notables we surprisingly met at breakfast, lunch and dinner and while walking the streets of Taipei.

   Ellen had been in correspondence with Lilia Yu, vice president of Chain-E Internet Marketing Management Consulting Co., Ltd. in Taipei relative to offering the courses of the University of Healing to students in Taiwan and China. We went to Taipei especially to meet Lilia.
   We stayed at the Taipei Fortuna Hotel. As we waited for Lilia in the lobby we were delighted when we saw this attractive young lady enter the front door with such dignity and charm. She greeted us hesitantly.
   Around cups of tea we mellowed with one another. We answered Lilia’s questions about our nonacademic religious philosophical university which we represent. She rushed back to see her associate telling him what she had learned. We made arrangements to dine in the rotating dining room atop the Fortuna Hotel that evening.
   Ellen and I were ready for an exciting sharing. Lilia brought her friend and associate Yoyo Chiang, chief executive officer of their firm. His selfconfidence radiated a sense of wellbeing as both he and Lilia were tastefully dressed for an important occasion. 
   Lilia had her questioning time. Now it was Yoyo’s time to check out the UNI. His eyes were bright with enthusiasm. 
  On our return to the State Yoyo’s e-mail was waiting. Yoyo said he and Lilia will take the UNI courses to become selfdisciplined, to improve their English and live the philosophy we shared with them. They instantly want a Letter of Authorization to represent us in Taiwan and China.
   In the hotel were a group of people from around the world to hold a World Citizen conference to begin the next morning. Socrates called himself this: I am a citizen, not of Athens, or Greece, but of the world. They asked me if I would give the invocation and an opening address. Our flight left the next morning. They asked me to consider it another time. Two separate men from Bangladesh asked us to stay in their several homes when we are in India in the near future. A member of the conference, Eric Schubert Ansah, asked us to contact him in Amsterdam to discuss our philosophy further.
   Our address books are filled. Our appointment calendars are over flowing with invitations and fall comes so soon with Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Italy and Nigeria on the Selfawareness tour at that moment.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle