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GIST - June 2001 Issue
An Imprisoned Body

Herb   THE WORLD CAN imprison our bodies but not our minds and most certainly not our hearts. The Worldwide Healing Ministry and the Prison Ministry of God Unlimited/University of Hea- ling spans the continent serving women and men. Each inmate reaches out within the prison to touch hundreds of hearts. Each teaches the concept that living a harmonious life brings great results.
     Of the dozens of inmates most find a wonderful outlet for their inner creative genius through encouraging friends to live harmoniously using the Law of cause and effect.
     One young man called last week, My mother is going to the hospital for a serious operation. Please pray with me for her wholeness.
     Fred is a 15 year student of the UNI. We have often prayed with and for him and his loved ones. I said, Okay, Fred, I see your mother whole and perfect now. With no other words than that, Fred returned to his meditations. He called back later in the week to report his mother's condition stable and on the mend. He thanked us profusely. I assured him it was done unto him according to his conviction.
     Gloria called from a Pennsylvania woman's detention center where she has been for 25 years. She is an avid student of the UNI. She likes support from time to time. What can I do, Dr Beierle, I am going to get married here and I don't know what to say. Quickly I sent her our Ministers Manual with all the details. She said it was just perfect.
     Roger sent paintings of the campus staff with grateful thanks for guiding him on the path of sharing the philosophy with his friends there and working with his family. He said the UNI training guided him to talk harmoniously and beneficially with his daughter and his newly wed son and wife. Since I am not able to be home to lovingly guide to my 10-year-old daughter, I was able to allow her to be adopted by a family who dearly love her. She is very happy. Thank you.
     JJ is a delight. His entire direction in life changed in prison through his training in the UNI courses and personal counseling. His ongoing work over 14 years continues to be more precious every day.
     Being privileged to be part of the Worldwide Healing Ministry and the Prison Ministry is exciting as daily I see lives changed and renewed. I see families brought together and when necessary placed in a new relationship which is for their highest and best.
     It is always the little things that count no matter where we are.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle