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GIST - June 2001 Issue
A Rising Phoenix


   Spiritual growth takes place in each of us when we stand up to adversity and agree with it quickly. We pull the wind out of a sail which forecasted a discouraging condition. As we stand up the circumstance becomes one wherein we grow in inner awareness.

School Of The Master

     The School of the Master 2000 was conducted for three months on campus. All of those who participated grew immeasurably in spiritual awareness.
     In the school's protected atmosphere on campus each student knew they were being tested. Each knew they were given onerous things to do on purpose. Each knew they were put in an emotional low to "test themselves" to see if they were ready to live in a master consciousness out in the world.
     Individually and collectively each School of the Master student wondered, "What is a master consciousness?"
     A master consciousness expresses when a person takes full responsibility for his thought, word and action. When a person trains themselves to be untouched, nonjudgmental, selfdisciplined, selfaware, unconditionally loving, being themselves and having fun.
     There is no possibility to completely list what a master is, for a master is the allness. As we define god as the allness, the isness, the everything and the nothing, we define god to include all. Labeling this term in this way it is obvious that all creation, all existence is god. Hence we are god.
     Now being god is not a lot of fun from the human perspective. However we define god is how we define being a master is how we define being ourselves.
     Just as the wind cannot say of itself, I divest myself of being 'wind' because I am not yet ready to be wind. So we cannot divest ourselves of being a master because it is not convenient for us to take responsibility for what we have done, are doing and will do. As we arrive at our awareness of being a master consciousness we make many blunders and ill fit ourselves for this noble role. We feel surely we are not worthy of wearing such a title. When we blunder and error is the time we are most worthy of bearing such a title. 
     As life's experiences open our eyes to what we truly are, this is the time to reach out and be as great as we are. We may not be expressing it as well as we think we can and should, but the very fact we know this means that we are ready to significantly wear the robe of mastership.
     Each graduate of the School of the Master went home with their head in a cloud expecting to do great things. Each was a diligent, dedicated, determined and disciplined student. Each was as untouched by their campus experiences, as nonjudgmental and unconditionally loving as their training allowed. Each KNEW they could have done better and progressed more rapidly. Each KNEW there were areas in which they failed to sincerely give their best and areas in which they felt sorry for themselves because the "tests were so tough" yet each stuck with it as best they could.
     Some while practicing their mastership at home were unable to convince their family, friends and coworkers of their successful training as a master. This proved discouraging and denigrating. The let-down was catastrophic.
     Time flew by and the graduates stopped putting on a show for themselves and their world. Little by little they exercised their mastership on themselves and expected themselves to live up to what they had learned in the School of the Master. Then things started to happen. Then their world began to harmonize. Then they began to realize what they had gained from the School. Little things at first. Things like not being disturbed by their fellow workers who before had made them feel inadequate, even without trying. That feeling disappeared. Pretending superiority over others faded from importance. A sense of wellness, a sense of competence, a sense of self blossomed allowing them to be untouched by what formerly had threatened their entire existence.
     Peace of mind was another experience the students felt. They were able to walk their own path without feeling others must listen to them, must appreciate them, that others must respect and love them. They loved themselves completely and loved everyone in their world in like fashion.

Immortal Life
Is Our Thought!

     ONE NAGGING REALITY lay hold of the graduates. Is life immortal? Is life as we know it complete in who and what we are now? 
     All time and space is here and now. This is a scientific and metaphysical truism, so there can be no afterlife, there can be no meeting with our departed loved ones in the by and by, there can be no dimension beyond this one in which we will know ourselves, our current identity and know our loved ones.
     To this must be added that whatever we think, dream, desire, wish or program, this we DO experience. However, these experiences are no more real and immortal than the illusion we are presently living.
     This was a hard dry cracker to swallow with no sauce of a heaven out there since our individual identity is dear to each of us, without exception. World philosophies include the life after death concept. Books by medical doctors and psychics and wizards by the dozen proliferate to tell stories of existence beyond the grave. Indeed, these are fine stories. These are continuances of the illusions by which all place so much credence and faith, but which nonetheless are spurious. Whatever we want to believe, for us then this is truth, regardless that it is an illusion, a fairy tale, unauthentic by the standard of all time is now and all space is here.
     Once we are something we cannot stop being it. Just as we cannot stop being a man or woman or child or animal or mineral or vegetable, if this is our experience here, so we cannot stop being a minister, master, monk, god. Now it is up to us to live up to this realization and this awareness, what a blessing we are to the world when we know ourselves, are ourselves and have fun being it.

A Day Of Celebration

     FOR YEARS MY two sisters, twins, celebrated their birthday on May 25-for that is the day they were born. Seldom did a year go by that they did not fly from one corner of the country to the other to be with the other for their TWIN NATAL DAY.
     Last year we celebrated at the Lawrence Welk Country Club in Southern California. It was very special with both Mae and Marie and their spouses there Kip and Bill, Marie and Bill's daughter Kathy and me with my grandson Little Eagle, 19. Little Eagle, now Big Eagle, stole the show. He had a great deal of experience being with mature women, mostly his mother Ramona and his grandmother Sylvia and grandmother Faith. He is a master diplomat and charmed all of the ladies present, us guys too.
     Last month we celebrated Mae and Marie's birthday in Claremont, California where Mae and Kip live. Marie and Bill McMahon flew in from Wilmington Delaware. Mae and Kip were to home. Our brother Howie and his wife Audrey flew in from Harrisonburg Virginia. 
     I drove up from Campo California and on the way I picked up our brother Ray from his home in San Jacento California. Ray and I arrived in our glorious white Ford Expedition, living it up. This was the first time Ray could join us in a very long time. It made the event special beyond words. 
     The girls are 76, Ray 78, Howie 71 and me a piddling 74 going on 25. The day was filled with reminisces and happy talk.
     Later as I drove Ray back to San Jacento pleased that all five of the Beierle children could be together for this joyous celebration. All the campus Monks called to wish the girls a happy birthday. 
     Birthdays are a special time for each of us. This birthday had the added joy of the complete gathering of all the five brothers and sisters. Next May 25th is the girls' 77th birthday, my favorite number 7, a good time for celebrating! Perhaps then the ENTIRE Beierle clan can be together with our children, wives and husbands, children and grandchildren. Wow, what a number that is closing in on 45 people.
     Happiness is from living fully now, in the moment, and appreciating how precious the here and now is. While birthdays are happy and being aware of our master self is blissful-the only true and everlasting happiness is when we give one hundred percent of ourselves to every circumstance. 

-Dr Herbert L Beierle