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GIST - October 2001 Issue
Following The Rules

Herb   FOLLOWING THE RULES is a weakness in the human psyche. Human awareness deals in logic and reason. Its place is never in allowing itself to dwell in the realm of imagination and intuition. Humanness thinks imagination and intuitive insights are faulty.
This abhorrence to following the rules begins early in life-not as an indwelling truism, but rather a learned attitude. Parents have learned not to dream, not to go off into flights of fancy and imagination. Because of this they do not demonstrate and teach it to their young. Only the five senses were real. Anything less than that was ignored as sentimental and incredible.
My study of creation, of a creative cause which creates and governs all, of the logical purpose for which all is created and all exists, finds that the field of logic is virtually ignored.
Understanding the big bang theory, the evolution of humanity and creation itself, the intense philosophical-physical-spiritual probing, all find absolutely no reason that things are done as they are in cosmic existence-in fact man is seeking so diligently for common sense, it attempts to find logic and reason in even chaos where chance is supreme.
Notwithstanding, within humanity is divinity. Regardless! Within humanity is a knowingness that whatever it thinks is essentially good. I am told to follow my heart and logic immediately finds fault with such a choice. When things are confusing I am advised to trust my inner judgment. When I have reached the end of my rope my well meaning family and friends advise me to just forget everything in favor of regaining my inner balance through the indescribable personal quietness, the listening meditation or introspection, the trusting to something which my five senses cannot understand.
My parents and teachers have a program of learning for me which though they know it is based on logic, it does not seem so to me. So my inner teacher has a program that has no logic or reason to it. Even the most astute student of education fails to find rational or sense in how my inner wisdom is dispensed and for what it stands.
For me I trust. I listen and follow my inner voice and I am well guided. For me nothing else matters. I do not need to understand. I accept. As I accept, my inner wisdom floods my consciousness with such imagination and genius I take it all in awe of my divine source.


-Dr Herbert L Beierle