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GIST - October 2001 Issue
Touchingly Wise Words


 All truth goes through steps:

First it is ridiculed,

Second it is violently opposed,

Finally it is accepted as self-evident.

It Is Worth Standing Up For Truth

INSPIRATIONAL WORDS come to us often during our lives. These phrases by German philosopher Arthur Schopen- hauer, strike very close to home. Each of us is confronted with just how sincerely do we believe our philosophy. We are carefree and confidently say "I am God" and "I like me" and "I live, move and have my being in my ideally perfect eternal spirit mind and body" but where is our "tongue," is it in our cheek as we "carefully" say these truths about ourselves?
In the privacy of our thought, in the secrecy of our meditations, in the aloneness of our words as they sing out in our private prayer garden or the vastness of the mountains- can we say these words of truth about ourselves and get away with it?
We all know confident people and successful people. These people believe in themselves. They know that they can accomplish whatever it is they desire for themselves. They know that they can do this because they have proven it to themselves many times before in their lives. Doing it is nothing new for them. 
These winners may not be bold enough to say they are number one, or that they are the creators of their world, or even that they are good. But in their heart they know they are good and live in the consciousness that they can succeed, regardless how "far out" it may seem to others.
At first our dreams are ridiculed by the world as impossible. As we persist in seeking our dream we are often violently opposed. We are told, "Don't you have any sense at all, you are aiming for the ultimate and it just will not work." 
If you are reading these words you have been ridiculed often before and you stood up to it because you believe in yourself and you believe in your ideas and ideals. Nothing can dissuade you from your goal. You believe and that is all that matters.
To protect you, your well meaning friends will attempt to keep you from "hurting yourself with such a hair-brained scheme" and will actually almost have you committed rather than allow you to dishonor and shame your good name. This is done far more often than we know.
When the maelstrom has cleared and the turbulence subsides, and we are still standing there confident as ever regardless the fury, our "friends" and "associates" will come over to stand on our side of the "fence" and say, "I believed in you all of the time, it is self-evident that your project would work."
All truth goes through these steps: first it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and finally it is accepted as self-evident.
Psychology, philosophy, scientific research and religion lay hold of these truths and say they are self-evident. 
Though we may appear to be alone in the conviction of I am God, I like me and I live in my eternally perfect spirit mind and body evidential proof of this is coming forth from the four-some of thinking in such a powerful manner that shortly disbelieving will be a thing of the past, never remembered, just as is spiritual healing.

October in Switzerland

THIS MONTH THE Rev Dr Ellen Jermini, chairman of the board of God Unlimited/University of Healing; Rev Dr Stefan Strässle, president, chief executive officer of our four multinational corporations; and I are in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and perhaps other countries conducting seminars. This is a delight and a passion for us.
These seminars have been created by our European sponsors and staff: Rev Gertrud Suter, our Multinational European coordinator; Rev Monica R Egli, our European Seminar coordinator and assisted by Rev Herbert W Marty, Rev Christina Nussbaum, Rev Karin Houssine, Rev Christine Breitenstein, Rev Käti Fink and others.
We will visit our students in Europe to encourage them in their university studies. 
Dr Ellen will fly to the Ukraine and visit with our publishing and seminar agents Alexander and Inna V Levshin in Kiev. They are publishing our books in Russian and establishing seminars throughout Moscow, St Petersburg and Kiev. She expects to return in time for the weekend seminar.
In Bern an informational evening will be held on Tuesday the 9th with the subject: Eternal Life. 
During a long weekend seminar in Leuenberg, near Basil SZ, Friday the 12th through Sunday the 14th we will conduct a program entitled: Learning How To Be A Spiritual Counselor. Graduates of the program will receive a: Certificate of Counselor Achievement.
The Ten Commandments of Self Healing is the theme for Zurich on the Wednesday the 17th at 7:30 pm in Rev Herbert W Marty's Pharmacy meeting room. The philosophy for a happy healthy life will be featured.
The Way Of The Master  is a seven day intensive master seminar will be conducted in Monte Bré Sopra, Locarno, Tessin Saturday the 20th through Saturday the 27th including the famous daily Three-Hour-Meditation. We will enjoy our lemonade juice diet. Certificates will be awarded for participants entitled: Certificate of Master Achievement
Dr Ellen will join in the birthday celebration of her son Diego, a bank vice president in Lugano and his wife Lorenza and their son Giacomo. She will also visit her cherished daughter Mariella, her husband Massimo and their five children including her "teenage" partner grandson Marcello. 
We expect to return to California Thursday, November 1st for my son Mark's 49th birthday party which may be held on the 3rd in Santa Cruz feted by his mother Faith.
On November 10th we will conduct a seminar in Las Vegas with our student Rev Rhonda Joyce directing the seminar program.
Topic in Las Vegas is, The Creative Magic Workshop: The Magic Of Believing. The event will take place at the Religious Science Church of the Rev Sheila Weldon, minister. It is located at 5317 Smoke Ranch Road, Las Vegas, NV 89108, 702- 648-6181. Contact Rev Joyce for further details at 8021 Nestled Vista Avenue, Las Vegas NV 89128 or call 702-869-9294. I will conduct a church service on the 11th entitled, You Are Life's Practitioner. 
I will conduct a three-day seminar: You Have The Power in Hemstead New York November 30 through December 2nd sponsored by Dr Alfred Miller at his church at 76 Eldridge Avenue 516-292-2724 or email: jessiep76@yahoo.com  
Seminars are a lot of fun. They are rewarding since I have first hand acquaintance with the seminar participants. It is a time of sharing love in a very real and dynamic way.
I would love it that I had the privilege of giving 24-hours every day to sharing the philosophy I hold so dear. To be able to tell all the world that they are absolutely wonderful and good right now, is a privilege that I honor exceedingly. It is fun too!

Daily Campus Lectures

EVERY MORNING AT 4:15 one of our monks gives a 10 minute talk, then I give a half hour talk. The half hour lectures are the THOUGHT FOR TODAY  which are sent out to everyone who is on our email list asking to receive the Thought for Today.
Daily during breakfast, lunch and dinner I give a 15 minute talk developing a topic of I am Love, I am Bliss, I am Happiness, I am Abundance, I am Truth, and many more. Each days topics are: I am Love; I see Love; I live Love. This develops into some pretty interesting directions and the moment by moment life of the monks are used as illustration fodder.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle