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GIST - December 2001 Issue
Communication At Its Highest

Herb     CHILDREN KNOW HOW to be alone and enjoy themselves. Yet, children know how to communicate from within themselves and with themselves and others in amazing ways. 
     I, to, like to be alone. Yet, regardless how much I feel I am complete and whole when I am alone, I know that I am a social being. To be able to communicate is as important to me as breathing. I talk to myself all of the time. I talk to my invisible partners. I talk to my invisible friends. I talk to the invisible world of my creation-continuously. 
     I do not always outwardly understand myself. 
     My world does not always understand me. 
     I am often inconsistent with what I say and what I mean and what I would like to say. As such, I am always rephrasing what I said and that which I had said. This is a neverending story in my life. In fact this is the fun of my life.
     I think that having a better grasp of words, language, poetry and prose, I would better be able to express my real self. 
     However, to have full use of my five senses could easily vie for first place in my choice of importance. 
     As I travel the world, I often think, how wonderful it would be to speak every language, every dialect, every nuance of each language, perfectly. Knowing all of the idioms and using them correctly. Knowing every phrase-not only the words, but the meaning behind them. Knowing why expressions are used in just such a way that they bring a knowing smile of awareness to locals of that area. Is this such a strange desire or such an unique talent or ability? It is if I am not aware of myself.
     I remind myself to observe the little children I create in my world, including myself. 
     To watch a child at play is to view a symphony of caring. The child hums to itself. The child sings to itself. The child talks to itself. The child talks to unseen friends. The child is in a constant state of communication. It is a faultless interplay of self with self and self with his unseen friends. A very happy busy world.
     When children of the same language gather to play they easily express the most complex, intricate concepts of human inter play with ease and definiteness. All the nuances of language and its idiomatic expression are done with simplicity by a child who is not limited by what the world considers a correct manner of expressing itself to one of unerring communication without misunderstanding. 
     When children of different languages, different cultural backgrounds, different social status, different ethnic worlds gather to play, all differences are invisible to their playmates. It is unimportant whether they are black or white or red or yellow or brown. Differences are not seen and not thought about. When asked with whom they were playing these natural children just say "a friend" and that is enough. A child is a friend of the world.
     What a person appears to be or does is unimportant. Who a person is inside himself is the exciting part of any relationship. This is unconditional love. It is our true nature. This is communication at its highest and best. To this a child is fully at home. To this experience every child harmonizes. This is the way it can be for me when I let go and listen within.


-Dr Herbert L Beierle