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GIST - December 2001 Issue
The Euro Way of A Master Seminar


   One of the fun things in life is sharing. I love to share who and what I am with everyone in my world. One of the best ways I do this is through giving seminars around the planet. Giving The Way of the Master Seminar is both the most demanding and yet the most fun. It demands the best out of me and out of every participant in the seminar. I love it. In the fall of 2002 I give three Way of the Master Seminars in Berlin, Basel and Locarno. Each seven days long and filled with power.
Thirteen were present for the intensive The Way of the Master Seminar I conducted in Monte Bré in the Italian speaking area of the Swiss Alps in Switzerland. The site of the seminar overlooked Lake Locarno with ice and snow capped mountains in the distance. Colorful Para gliders floated lazily over the large lake and mountain sides. 
     In absolute silence the program began. Drinking the liquid meal of one gallon of pure lemon juice, maple syrup, a dash of cayenne pepper and water. For seven days everyone felt content with the food provided. 
     For the seven days no contact was made by any participant with the outer world-family, friends or business associates. All listened intently to every lecture weaving its magic spell of wisdom and inspiration. Each participant came well founded into the seminar through the daily three hour meditation which trained all in onepointed- ness and inner discipline as the day began.
From 3-6 am we entertained a three hour meditation which was so exciting and inviting that everyone was enraptured with the inner level of awareness. The first hour confirmed that each was God by saying: I am God, God I am. During these hours I gave everyone a sense of oneness with the infinite within them as they flowed with the singing and chanting, and the monologue on God. 
     The second morning hour was dedicated to the saying: Why can I say I am God. During this hour I shared the allness, oneness, isness and beingness of God in illustrations and affirmations. Dr Stefan Strässle interpreted my every word perfectly into high German. As I viewed the participants I was able to watch their faces, see their eyes, and recognize that outer awareness of their inner illumination. The enlighten expression and blissful attitude made it apparent they were entering into peace profound.
     During the third hour as dawn was breaking across the lake everyone sat in stillness listening to God in them speaking to them as them. Sitting straight upright in their meditation chair, all were so deeply moved by what was going on inside of them they eagerly awaited listening to the divine within them revealing itself as themselves.
     Two of those present were new to the program, the others were long time participants in our seminars. 
     New to the program were Hanspeter Birrer, a Swiss landscaper from the area of Agarone and Gerd Braun from across the nation of Switzerland in Herisau near St Gallen. Braun is founder of the Cura Centrum for Ayurveda and other treatments. 
     Old timers included: Dr Ellen Jermini, God Unlimited/University of Healing; Rev Irene Merkle, monk-at- large from the Absolute Monastery; Rev Monica Egli, monk-at-large, minister of God Unlimited I Like Me Miracle Center  in Basel Switzerland and organizer of the seminars; Daniela Ferrari, Gerro-Gamba rogno Ticino Locarno Switzerland and co-organizer of the seminars; Rev Karin Houssine, director of the UNI Frankfurt Seminar Center, Germany; Fritz Kück Way of the Master seminar organizer in Berlin Germany; Rösli In-Albon, Bern Switzerland UNI seminar organizer; Claudio Waldmeier, Rothen- burg, Switzerland; Rev Herbert W Marty, Church of the Surprise from Within, Uitikon, Switzerland; and Dr Stefan Strässle, God Unlimited/University of Healing.
We are in the process of seeing how we can make one CD include all of the lectures and meditations. Everyone in the seminar asked for audio tapes from the 14 hours of meditation and 28 hours of lectures covering: 
Choosing Perfection and willing to do what it takes; Selfdiscipline; Selfdedication; Selfdetermination; Selfdiligence; Untouched; Nonpossessive; Nonjudmental; Unconditionally Loving; Proper Respect for Testing; Response to an Inner Attitude; Master Relationships; Master Teachers; the Relative World, My Place In It; a Master Being Myself; a Master Having Fun; Everyone is Already a Master; a Master and Wholeness; a Master in Business Commercially; the Children of a Master; the Spouse of a Master; the Parents of a Master; a Master is Positive; a Master is First Person; All Already Exists; Reincarnation and the Master; What Masters We Have Known-Buddha, Socrates, Mohammad, Confucius, Lao Tzu, Zoroaster, Abraham, Moses, Aristotle- few are wonder workers, most are thinkers living a full life rich in awareness, and the Purpose I Choose To Be A Master.
     To get the most from The Way of the Master Seminar requires giving oneself totally to the program. Playing the game beneficially and playfully. Listening to the topics without judgment. At the end of the seminar summing up everything and drawing a conclusion. The fulfillment is unbelievable and everlasting.

Visiting Switzerland
and Germany

     IT IS FUN to travel around Germany, Switzerland and Kiev. Meeting people, sharing ideas and living in their homes offers an insight into what each country really is and how the people respond to their world.
     Three homes were our haven during our Swiss travels. The home of our European UNI director Rev Gertrud Suter in Ebmatingen Switzerland, the home of our seminar organizer Rev Monica Egli in Basel Switzerland and the home of the Arnoldi family in Lugano, the daughter of Ellen. Mariella Arnoldi is the Swiss Banking representative of our Swiss corporation Foundation University of Healing and University of Philosophy in Europe. Grandson Marcello is a student of the UNI. Thrillingly each host has asked us to come back to stay at their home the next time we are in Switzerland. They offered us the full use of their home without reservation including their telephones, Internet connections, kitchens and the love of their families. What a glorious adventure. 
Rösli In-Albon hosted us in Bern Switzerland for an informational seminar entitled: Eternal Life. Rev Herbert Marty hosted us in his pharmacy meeting rooms for an introduction seminar lecture of three and a half hours entitled: The Ten Commandments of Selfhealing.
     A weekend seminar was held in Leuenberg, Holstein, Switzerland entitled: Lear- ning How To Be A Spiritual Counselor organized by Rev Monica Egli and Daniela Ferrari. 
     In EJ Shares, Dr Jermini tells of her adventures in Monchengladbach Germany. As I was in Switzerland she took a side junket to Kiev to meet with potential students and publishers of our books in Russian.
     Shortly we will run comments people made on the "Comment Sheet" given out at each seminar. Some of the young people attending were the most ingenious, imaginative and conclusive.


-Dr Herbert L Beierle