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GIST - March 2002 Issue
  Golf Cart Craze

Herb   On the campus of the University of Healing, Church of God Unlimited, Absolute Monastery and more, are 104 acres with miles of roadways throughout the campus. Touring these miles of roadways are monks, staff, students and friends. It is a long walk, but it is more fun using the four golf carts which buzz along at a maximum of 15 miles an hour on the level—however, the electric carts get going down hill and can go rather fast.

   Campus monks find the carts excellent for flitting about the Monastery, five houses and six retreats. There are always cleaning supplies to be shifted from one site to another, mail to be picked up at the mail center, books to be shipped from the archives, magazines and pamphlets to be sorted and sent to those asking for them all over the world. It is in all a very busy hub and filled with exciting activities.

   During our Christmas seminar we had four children present from Las Vegas and Switzerland. From ages 8 to 13, the boys took to the golf carts with their parents and friends to tour the campus and experience driving first hand in a real machine. Each practiced until they were perfect and earned their University School of Driving certificate announcing they are master golf cart drivers.

   Four carts and four young men. They became the chauffeurs of the campus. They were ready at their “post” eager to take the next passenger to wherever they were going. Often taking them somewhere where they were not going. But all in the best of fun.

   Evidence of being ourself and having fun. This is what life is all about.

—Dr Herbert L Beierle