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GIST - March 2002 Issue
Paradise On Earth
Guyana, South America 

   AN AMAZING COUNTRY the Republic of Guyana with its 83,000 square miles and 705,000 citizens speaking English-GDP per capita of $2,500-yet the country exudes a luxuriant lust for growth and achievement. Interestingly, 80 percent of the land is under tropical rain forest, 80 percent of the economy is government controlled and 98 percent literacy prevails. A great insurgence is present to recognize with a positive attitude that the government is operated by men who have the welfare of Guyana first in mind seeking to provide quality schools, hospitals, utilities and sanitation for this joyful nation. Budding is the idea that Guyana is the Paradise Garden of the world where tourism will soon excel as its major resource.

The Wonderful Guyanese People

   FOR 150 YEARS this nation was ruled by Britain and in 1966 independence was given to the nation. Christians, Hindus and Muslims live side by side sharing an enthusiasm for religious tolerance and expression.
   Dr Ellen Jermini and I traveled to Guyana from January 12 through the 22 to visit friends.
   When I first established God Unlimited/University of Healing in October 1975, Gwendoline Egerton of Guyana has been one of my most hearty supporters. In 1978 I ordained Rev Egerton on the campus. Through her encouragement ministers in Guyana and America included: Rev Una P Barker, Rev Daniel Fisher, Rev Annette Gooding, Rev Norma G Nichols, Rev Carol Joy Oliver, Rev Shirley Rose, Rev Joy D Clarke, Rev Ingrid C Chance, Rev Kennard E Davis, Rev Celestine Morgan, Rev Patricia Shivdat, Rev Violet V Alleyen, Rev Robert M Burks, Rev Vilma Chesney, Rev Joycelyn Eastman, Rev Marva Edmonds, Rev Patricia Gibson, Rev Marie U Heyliger, Rev Evelyn R John, Rev Louis A Knight, Rev Louise A Levy, Rev Patricia Limerick-Andries, Rev Steve Lyken, Rev Ina O'Hara, Rev Joy Thomas, Rev Judith Weeks, Rev Christopher Whaul.
   I conducted prosperity and healing services throughout Guyana. Dr Jermini taught each group the Joy Songs "I like me" and "I am God, God I Am" and "Why Can I Say I Am God." Rev Ellen gave an award winning lecture in each of the 15 church and schools and private consultations. 

   Happily, the churches and schools were packed to capacity. 
   Sunday Rev Daniel Fisher hosted us as we spoke at 7:30 am to his congregation Guyana Unity Church. Sunday evening at 5 pm our host in Guyana, Rev Carol Joy Oliver presented us in her church Ascension Temple of Truth. 
   Monday at 9 am we were presented to the Sacred Heart Play Group of Teacher Esther Solomon. At 6 pm we spoke before the Agape Unity Prayer Group of Rev Annette and Teacher Yule Gooding. 
   Tuesday morning at 9:30 we presided at the Immanuel Day Care Center directed by Teacher Joan Lietch. At 5:30 pm we spoke to the amazing Teacher Sharon Howes and her Abundant Life Prayer Group.
   Wednesday morning was a day-long seminar for students and practitioners. At 5:30 pm Rev Una P Barker hosted us in her Lodge Truth Church. At 8:30 pm we were hosted to dinner at the Georgetown Club by the Goodings.
   Thursday at 9 am I conducted an intensive workshop with advanced practitioners assisted by Rev Ellen. At 7 pm we had a delightful experience speaking before the Sunshine Unity Group directed by Teacher Desiree De Souza Thom In the Sunshine center Rev Ellen conducted several ordinations on a previous visit to Guyana. They all remembered her with excitement and hugs and kisses. 
   Friday at 9:30 am we visited a recreational feature of Guyana the Swimothon when went swimming in the jungle pond of iron colored water. We met with Rev Oliver, Rev Gooding, Teacher Gooding, Teacher Lietch, Teacher Juliette Sampson, Ellen and I for discussions. At 5 pm we met with 86-year-old Newton Louis Proffitt, director of the ministry of Adult Education in Guyana at his home with the potential of having the University of Healing be recommended to the adult students in Guyana. The program is under consideration. 
   Saturday at 2:30 am a group of 25 dedicated meditators gathered in the church of Rev Oliver for a "practice" three-hour-mediation. At 9:30 am Ellen and I held a workshop for Ministers and Leaders in the church Ascension Temple of Truth.
   Sunday became a busy day. At 7:30 am we spoke to the congregation of Teacher Dulcia Bartho- lomew aka Pinky in her church Lilies of the Field Unity. At 11:30 am I renewed an old friendship with Rev Shirley Rose . Ellen and I spoke before her congregation St Michael's Unity Church and we participated in baptizing three children. At 5 pm the final presentation was made in our host Rev Carol Oliver's church, Ascension Temple of Truth.
   Six new students signed up for the University of Healing. Sharon Howes, Una Thompson, Dulcia Bartholomew, Esther Solomon, Shirley Archer and Dudley O'Neil.
   The church staff at the Ascension Temple of Truth under Rev Oliver are: Teacher Trevorlene Moore, Teacher Myrtle Richards, Teacher Leila Parris, Teacher Pamela Gordon, Musician Juliette Sampson and Usher Tiffany Moore.
   We promised Guyana we would be back next January and would spend more time with them. They were ecstatic over the three- hour-meditation and eagerly participated in it sitting on the concrete floor of the church for almost four hours and still wanted more and were not ready to leave. Such eager students of truth it is a privilege to work with. 
   I never tire when I am giving what I love most-the philosophy of the University of Healing-"Be yourself and have fun."

Being A Catalyzer

   ONE OF THE MOST difficult things in being a teacher, in being a catalyzer, is to teach the art of selfdiscipline. I can hear you now saying, you do not teach selfdiscipline, a person has to learn it by themselves. To this I would most heartily agree. However, when I work with students and present them with "tests" which allow them to stand up for what they believe, it is interesting how many times they fall off the proverbial wagon in following what they profess to believe.
   For instance. I might say to a student: You have signed the vow of selfdedication, the vow of being a monk and the vow of following the rules at the Absolute Monastery. No one forced you to do it. You chose to do it because you wanted to be a monk and to be at the Monastery.
   The rules are so simple to appear to be stupid.
   A rule is, if you open it close it. That seems easy enough. However if you open a door and someone is following you through it, it is YOUR duty to close it, not the duty of the person walking through the door. 

The rules are simple: 
1. If I open it, I close it. 
2. If I turn it on, I turn it off. 
3. If I unlock it, I lock it. 
4. If I break it, I repair it. 
5. If I can't fix it, I call in someone who can. 
6. If I borrow it, I return it. 
7. If I use it, I take care of it. 
8. If I make a mess, I clean it up. 
9. If I move it, I put it back. 
10. If it belongs to somebody else and I want to use it, I get permission. 
11. If I don't know how to operate it, I leave it alone.
12. If it does not concern me, I mind my own business. 
13. If I take it away, I replace it.

   These are simple statements but vital in learning selfdiscipline. It is so easy to think these are not my responsibilities-however, they are mine to grow by and advance in my awareness.
   Just try a few of these and see just how easy they are to follow. It is quite surprising.
   It is rewarding to serve others. The greatest test comes in serving myself. When I can serve myself and do so meaningfully then I feel good inside and outside. I feel that I am worthwhile and I feel that all is in divine order. What a glorious way to feel.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle