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GIST - April 2002 Issue
Departure Calls Forth Arrival
Death Calls Forth Life

Ellen        For a human being to confront death, is a challenge. For a divine being, death does not exist. In the human game death symbolizes cessation of all vital functions, NO LIFE. Divine life continues beyond the illusion of death; it is eternal. I am divine!
       Antoine De Saint Exupery writes in his book the LITTLE PRINCE, Dire Adieu cíest un peu mourir. To say good buy is to die a little. 
       It is easy to feel sad whenever I depart from a beautiful country where I meet lovely, generous, happy people. Often they ask me, Donít you miss your family who lives so far away? No, I answer straight forwardly, It is not their physical presence which has importance. It is their spiritual presence which I carry in my heart wherever I go. 
       Whenever I leave anywhere, I immediately dive into my next exciting experience. With an inner delightful bubble I get pleasure from my journey and look joyfully forward to my arrival at what comes next. Departure calls forth arrival while death calls forth life. 
       I could mourn the little flower a friend gave to me as it wilted. After it bloomed on my desk for many days. Its lovely fragrance and colorful appearance gave charm to my office. Now it died. I let it go. A plant, a flower, a tree, an animal, anything I love, is tempting to become my possession. It emotionally hurts when I must let it go IF I allow it to own me. 
       I recall how my father handled the loss of his beloved Puddle, Peter. For my dad, Peter was the most warm, friendly and intelligent dog on Earth. He would do anything for his Peter. It was shortly after my dad returned from the hospital miraculously overcoming a severe heart attack that Peter played an important role which motivated dad to exercise his heart. Regardless of wind or weather, my father took Peter outside to a distant park to go potty. Day by day Dadís health improved measurably and he extended his walks each day longer and longer until to our great happiness, he felt fit and well once again. Then one day Peter died of old age. My dad missed Peter and often picked up his leash absentmindedly to take him for a walk. Though Peter had saved fatherís life and became a lovely companion to him, dad was able to release him. From then on my father walked with Peter mentally at his side thinking his happy thought and living a healthy life for many years.

What is death?

       Death is an illusion which in the relative world appears very real. Jesus said, The last enemy we would overcome is death. He said about Lazarus who was dead a couple of days, He only sleeps. He called to Lazarus, Arise! He arose. Jesus saw beyond the illusion of death. I see beyond the illusion of death.
       Death is expressed symbolically in many ways. Going through a separation from a precious friendship or a long standing marriage, such as death or a divorce can be a dramatic experience when one of the partners holds physically or mentally onto the other. Not releasing the departed one to their choice ends in a personal emotional suicide, which is physically very hurtful. It ends up in selfpity, develops tension and destroys the physical body to aging and finally to death. Every death is a suicide where we rush into another dimension, for life is eternally unfolding.
       I am the master of my world and I take charge of my thoughts and my attitude regardless of any experience I may create for a reason of selfrealization. 
       I recall meeting a very attractive lady in her forties on a flight from San Diego to New York. She told me of her new relationship, now her second husband. The culmination of her story which deeply impressed me was the celebration of the divorce with her first husband. We invited our children, our family and all our friends for a great party outside in the woods, she described in detail to me. We called one of the best caterers in town serving us outstandingly delicious food. A fun band of four men played our favorite songs and we danced throughout the night having a fabulous time. Wow, I said with great admiration, well done but surely rare. Was this easy? Very easy, we separated with a peaceful attitude and remain good friends. From time to time we meet with our children. Other then that we both were ready for a new separate exciting life. What an unusual but happy way to let go and live an unconditionally love filled life, I congratulated her.
       I release my childhood experiences. I let go of friends and family, country, nationality all the while letting go of judgment. 
       As a spiritually divine being I live onepointedly NOW. To enjoy my own company makes life a fun experience regardless of what I do, where I live and where I go. My live is based on happiness from within. I am my own best friend.
       While I am writing these lines I hear our just arriving puppy, a two-month old Maltese, the cutest little doggy on Earth, begging for attention. Each monk immediately fell in love with this tiny white woolen ball, each wanting to keep him here forever. However, the little treasure will soon depart for Los Angeles to live with an older couple the Kiphards. The little guy is a planned blessing for Mae and Kip. Suggles (as we named the dog) will delight their spirit with his happy healthy attitude of life. For us it will be an other opportunity to let go though he is the prettiest and loveliest dog anyone would desire to keep. 
       Life is fun when I need nothing, want nothing but fully enjoy everything. Any emotion, any death experience of the tiniest feeling of loss or feeling abandoned, happens by my choice alone. My choice is being master of my feelings and being fulfilled from within. Any illusion of death fades like the snow dissolving in a balmy spring sun. Indeed death is a delusion. It does not exist. In my limited thinking I embody it with a body it does not have. 
       I am awake, alert and alive and reflect eternal youth. 
Daily I kill off hate, pride, selfrighteousness, fear, sorrow old HABITS which held me back as an unnecessary load in my rucksack on my spiritual journey. I make old habits to dissolve into their native nothingness and joyously sing day-in-day-out, I live forever! 
       Smilingly I let die the past. I enjoy my present moment. I live in the Now I live into eternity.

-Dr Ellen Jermini