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GIST - April 2002 Issue
Healing Words Heal

Herb       Every Sunday I record Dial Healing Words on our toll free telephone line 1-888-254-8793. That single telephone line jingles off the hook constantly. People call for these positive words of wholeness and then apply it to their "healing needs" in a joyful way with miracles resulting from their selfapplication.
       Calls come into the Absolute Monastery and to God Unlimited/University of Healing at an interesting rate asking to have a tape of the Dial Healing Words.
       You can attach your tape recorder to the telephone and record to talk which is anywhere from 3 to 7 minutes long. Of course, you can redial and hear it as often as you like. 
       The inspirational words are given on many topics, each with the desire that as you practice these words you bring balance and peace into your life and affairs. 
       It is only in the practice of the statements, in reiterating them again and again so their affirmative value can be permanent in our life that they have the most value.
       The monks and staff at the Absolute Monastery listen to the Dial Healing Words whenever they would enjoy a boost also. This is not something just for the "needy" but for those who want to boost their vibrations to a new high. Those who want to lift themselves from the doldrums of ordinariness to the heights of excellence.
       We could keep track of how often the line is used, but this is of little consequence to us. Our greatest joy is to hear it ringing and then a long pause as it is listened to in its entirety being something beneficial to the listener.
       I have as much fun recording the message for those who call as I do in hearing that it is changing lives, illumining hearts and healing.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle