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GIST - April 2002 Issue
Power To Create


    I have the power in me to create whatever experience I can imagine. I have the power in me to create wealth. I have the power in me to create health. I have the power in me to create a world of harmony, peace, love, goodness and truth.

Hempstead NY
Art Of Living

       It was a bright Friday afternoon on the cusp of a decision. I was called to give a seminar in Hempstead New York on Long Island. For three days I was to be involved in a seminar program entitled: You Have The Power. The event was sponsored by the Church for the Art of Living in Hempstead. Rev Dr Alfred Miller and Rev Jessie P Miller expansively hosted Dr Ellen Jermini and myself in their home and their church. 
       I spoke on the topic "You Have The Power" pointing out that within everyone is the ability to accomplish everything so long as they recognize who they are and say sufficiently "I Like Me" so often it becomes part and parcel of their reality. 
       I conducted a workshop with Monk Jermini on "You Have The Power To Create Your Wealth" to an audience whose minister Dr Miller was second in command with Rev Ike, world renown prosperity speaker and demonstrator. They were ready for our suggestions and eagerly put each concept into practice out loud.
       The last day of the seminar Monk Jermini and I presented "You Have The Power To Be, Do and Have." While the adults smilingly approved of the concept of selfconfidence, selfdiscipline, selfdedication and selfdiligence, it was the children who sat there entranced with the stories we shared with them, drinking up every word. It is always TO THE CHILDREN to whom we speak in any event. THE CHILDREN ARE OUR CROWN OF GLORY!
       The first evening was to be spectacular by all measure.
       Three keynote speakers were on the platform with Dr Jermini and myself. Rev Kennard Davis and Rev Dr Evelyn John of Brooklyn and Dr Miller of Hempstead. 
       Rev Davis strode to the platform with his usual selfconfidence and pride of bearing, his significant dignity. His immaculate dress befitted his manner. At first he stood behind the microphone on the raised dais, but shortly after beginning to speak he stepped down and spoke without a microphone. With power and verve he defined soundly and eloquently "god" and in his exposition he concluded that everyone is god and everything is god. He was bathed in an exquisite humility that suited his words. As he let out his illustrations the audience loudly pronounced each one good and very good. 
       I have had the privilege of speaking at the Truth Center for Higher Con- sciousness in Brooklyn NY where Rev Davis holds forth as their dynamic minister. I have heard him speak there several times, but in all the years I have known Rev Davis I have never heard the definition of "god" so beautifully, completely and soundly stated. The audience showered thunderous deafening applause on the student of the University of Healing. This was followed by singing a special song entitled, Power, Power, Power! 
       The theme of the weekend seminar was definitely established. After stopping at the UNI book table, all went down to the reception center for refreshments and dinner. The only table conversation was in being astounded in how capably Rev Davis spoke to the subject. I joined him on the platform and took that moment to announce that his talk was the finest dissertation I had ever heard in requirement of his doctoral work in the Post Graduate Professional Division of the University of Healing. With tearful delight he accepted his symbolic sheepskin. Again the house roared their approval of this amazing man.
       Dr Miller was master of ceremonies as well as one of the speakers AND MUSICIAN EXTRAODINARY EXTRAORDINAIRE as he exquisitely and professionally played the organ and piano in harmony with every aspect of the program. From his perch on the organ bench facing the congregation he illustrated how is "A Church For All People" Church For The Art Of Living is designed on freeing the power within everyone stating, "The Church for the Art of Living is dedicated to inspire, support and celebrate the glory of god in all people by living spiritual principles applicable to creating a life and community abundant in all good things."
Rev Jessie Miller presented a stage presence and majesty which established immediate balance and harmony as her pixie dust scattered over the entire congregation. With her pure gentle positive voice, beautiful in every way, she led the congregation in their affirmations and musical acceptance of their personal greatness. 
      Rev Dr Evelyn John, minister of the New Life Center in Brooklyn ascended the podium dressed in a gown of white lace overlay. Her auburn hair complimenting the deep tones of her face. From her appearance you knew a "princess" rose from her entourage to the focal point of the moment. She demurred to me being her long time professor and teacher in the UNI but in a moment that was lost in the symphony of words bes- peaking the power available in each of us and that we use it by affirming that we have it. Illustration after example poured over her lips as wine from a goblet refreshing the ears of the audience. After her brilliant talk she quietly floated back to her chair in an eloquent gracefulness. 
       Dr Jermini gave two presentations fully illustrating her excellence as a speaker and the richness of her preparedness. She spoke of the miracles which flood out of our lives every day. She related the Swissair experience where she spoke her word and we flew when we were told time and again we would not for they were out of business. In the Ukraine she told the many young people she met that they are a genius. Each was at first confused but as she illustrated it from her own son and grandchildren, they quickly caught the message and began calling themselves geniuses. She is the wizard behind the UNI and its operations going on two decades. Her enthusiasm, selfconfidence and majesty stand out before her wherever she goes and she is instantly welcomed everywhere. 
       Who we are speaks so loudly that our words are but hushed signals along the pathway of life. Each of the speakers in the YOU HAVE THE POWER seminar were seminal. Their originality and creativeness established them up as leaders par excellent. 

It Is Fun To Share

       It has been my good pleasure to own and publish newspapers for over 50 years, to have my own radio and television shows on a regular basis over the years and to be an active university professor, minister and practitioner.
       With the birth of the computer and the inauguration of Internet, a new genre is born-Internet Radio and Internet Television. 
       The UNI has audio Internet, soon to be audio-video Internet, by opening email unidean@goduni. com.
       Every morning in the Embassy Cathedral on the UNI campus at 4:15 I give a half hour talk based on a THOUGHT FOR TODAY, tft. All of the UNI students and Absolute Monastery Monks gather around encouraging an inspirational talk. As the talk is given it is recorded on a mini-disk and often directly onto the hard drive of the portable computer. Once on the computer it is broadcast to our Web Server who in turn makes it available to all those who have signed up for our Thought For Today and receive it via email on their computer speakers. 
       From the flood of delighted listeners who made it know they want the video also, we are certainly doing something right. 
       Naturally, there are times when a virus hits us from one of our listeners who tunes into our email. However, with the virus checker which cleans up such things, even though they are a nuisance, it is not intolerable. More and more people sign-up looking at our www.university-of-healing.edu Web Page. On the UNI Home Page is our 24-hour radio station providing numerous hour and half hour lectures and music for our listeners.
       As you look over our offering we are receptive to comments, criticisms, compliments and anything else you feel will embellish and enhance our presentation.
       A highlight of the home page is our Mr Candle presentations. These are three to eight minute stories telling the adventures of Mr Candle as he travels the world sitting at the global bedside of children, whenever possible, with their parents present. Mr Candle tells of escapades of remarkable children-though they seem just like the child down the street-and how they handle unusual circumstances in their life. We have not made these tapes available to the public just yet, but we have dozens of them touching the lives of millions. Smile. Nice percentage. Your comments are appreciated.

       I listen within and hear the voice of the divine in me. As I listen I hear beautiful stories and statements which guide and support others on my same journey. For this reason I love to share that which is within me whenever I have the opportunity.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle