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GIST - May 2002 Issue
Strict Parents An Asset


   A BOY OF 15 was telling his best friend a very private discovery, he said, ‘I am secretly glad my parents are strict with me.’ If all of our mothers and fathers always asked the best of us and were strict with us, what polished beings we would be!

Selfdiscipline Is Learned

     FREDDIE WAS PLAYING with his friends. It was a boring afternoon with nothing planned. One of his friends suggested going over to the abandoned McMurphy house on the edge of town. The old house had not been lived in for over 20 years. His friend suggested they could be the demolition squad for the structure--destroying it more than the elements and other vandals had already done.
     Inside Freddie this did not feel right. His parents had taught him respect for private property. His family was the first to keep their neighborhood clear of trash wherever it may be found. In fact, Freddie’s family lived by a strict code of always seeking to be their highest and best under all circumstances.
     "Hey guys," Freddie called, "we got a new basketball hoop on the back of the garage, let’s go shoot a few baskets."
     Without a second thought the group gathered around Freddie’s basketball hoop and in no time were engrossed in shooting baskets.
     Freddie could have told his friends that destroying property is not all that cool. He could have acted superior to their destructive bent, but rather than drawing attention to the problem, he drew attention to the solution that was satisfactory to him. He did not think it was his responsibility to train his friends in commendable conduct. He did however think it was nice to have them join him in his fun project.
     Everyone wants to be a good person and a jolly fellow well met, and most think that it is necessary to play the other’s game and do what "they" do to be accepted by the group. 
     Leaders are those who believe in themselves and have values by which they live. These values may not always be societally beneficial, but a leader can direct the masses where it wants them to go.
     How fortunate when a child is trained in liking himself and liking his world and liking his conduct. Living from this point of view life is truly wonderful and selffulfilling.

     I love my Mr Candle stories. They just flow out. Each Mr Candle story tells about little persons and big persons interacting in life situations. Each story comes from a positive point of view. Each story has a warm earthiness about it. Each story has some ageless truth in it that is acceptable to young and old. I love Mr Candle.

Thank You
To Our Students

     THANK YOU FOR being a student in the Univer-sity of Healing and the University of Philosophy. Thank you for being an integral part of this great institution. I do not take the time to express my thanks as often as I should but I want to remind you that your participation in the work of the UNIs is deeply appreciated.
     As undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate student, alumni, minister in the Church of God Unlimited, practitioner of the UNI and as a monk in the Order of Absolute, Absolute Monas- tery, your substantive contributions both financially and by your physical support and presence have made possible our continued service to all.
     Through your contributions we have been able to provide scholarships for students who otherwise would not experience the UNI. Through your financial bequests, legacies, devises, transfers of stock and other gifts we serve many students in prisons all over America. You make our seminars possible around the world.
     Your loving giving makes possible the monthly GIST which goes out to five thousand subscribers worldwide. For many, this is their only resource in spiritual growth. Your love is making a real difference in the lives of men, women and children around the globe.
     Though we delight in your participation as an active student in the UNIs, the greatest blessing to you and to the world is through the way in which you live of your life everyday, the way you exemplify the philosophy of the UNI.
One who guides their life on the philosophy of the University of Healing and the University of Philosophy strengthens the moral and ethical fiber of our world through their conduct and example of their lives.
     I honor you for your commitment to the principles of the Order of ABSOLUTE, UNI and all that I stand for.
     My commitment to learning never stops regardless my age. I have students as young as 8 and as old as 80.
     Living as a master consciousness is priceless. Living the life of a master is onepointed, nonjudgmental, untouched and unconditionally loving. A master has no friends. A master loves everyone.
     So in this universal love, I surround you, each one, with my perfect love and joy, eternally.
     You are always home in my heart!
     I am always peace. My peace I give unto you from the depth of my heart. I see each student and alumni surrounded by my pure white light of love from within me. I see the world a brighter place because each of us are here. I love you.


-Dr Herbert L Beierle