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GIST - July 2002 Issue
The Lucky Penny

Ellen       There was a time in my life that I felt overwhelming happy whenever I found a penny. I preciously collected this little golden coin feeling blessed as if I had found a gold mine. In my innocent awareness it meant to me fortune, luck and wealth! This happy thought I put in my consciousness as a child and for a long time I nurtured this providence idea and believed it from my pure heart.
       Often little gifts like a penny come into my life, I do not even recognize them, as I take their appearance so natural. Sure they are ordinary for they are the consequence of a cause I put into motion through my every moment thinking. For instance I love flowers embellishing a corner of my house, smiling from the dining table or nodding their heads on my desk. They express joy and friendliness and enlighten my days. They speak to me in their silent happy language uplifting and inspiring my happy spirit. 
       It was Sunday morning when I went into my garden to prepare a fresh colorful bouquet. Among the various bright buds now there bloom white, red, pink yellow rose bushes, a cheery delight of natureís magnificence. Like called upon, I stop in front of one rose. She beams at me with an indescribable smile of inner and outer beauty. Her divine fragrance lightly perfumes its velvet pinkish white petals gently fading into a juicy apricot orange. It is a precious blossom, glorious and vital in its appearance as a very special rose. I pick the rose to let it shine in its unique beauty on the desk of a special friend. I feel so happy with my choice. For three days I see the rose in the vase opening more and more to its blooming splendor and I feel an amazing wealth emanating from this little gift I gave to my friendóreally to me. 
       So often I walk through life blindly not appreciating the penny, not recognizing the glory of my creation. I am like the poor man who one day crossed his bridge returning home from work. To play a game with himself he put a blind fold over his eyes proving to himself he can walk across the bridge unaided by his sight. Just that day a rich man who knew the poor manís daily routine and wanted to share his wealth with the poor man. Hiding himself on the corner of the bridge to observe his friendís lucky discovery, he placed a bag of money in the middle of the bridge. The blindfolded man crossed the bridge successfully, however did not see the so obviously placed fortune. He lost his opportunity to receive the good which was meant for him to enjoy. He played another game equally satisfying.
       Being open and receptive as I walk through life, I am aware and alert bringing forth my daily blessings. I fill up my blessing book with all kinds of exciting stories and realize my innocent use of the Law of cause and effect. My every moment nonjudgmental thinking letting pennies multiply in a wealth consciousness to see abundance and perfection everywhere.
A UNI student took me to her sonís father-in-lawís hospital bed. The man had been transported by an emergency private flight from Guyana to America unable to receive the medical treatment in Guyana he urgently needed. As Pat and I entered the hospital room in New Jersey, we individually and collectively spoke our word of truth: Harrie, you are whole and perfect. We spoke with conviction, with divine knowingness which Harrie accepted and confirmed with an inner -- almost invisible outer smile gentling his lips. From his brown gazing eyes a sudden brightness lightened his face as he reacted to our questions: show us one, two, three fingers. Though the physical perfection was not totally visible, we knew that our word manifested, it was done! Whenever we think of Harrie, we KNOW he is whole and perfect! 
       A few days later it happened that while one of the nurses caring for Harrie lost her balance and Harrie fell and hit his forehead. The knock awakened him from his coma. Harrie took an enormous step in his healing process. Nothing ever happened by chance. Nothing is impossible in life. Since then Harrie communicates with his family by writing down his thoughts and his wholeness and perfection manifests accordingly. 
       Harrie is the "lucky penny" for his family. His apparent infirmity united the family to a greater understanding, respect and love for each other and where the haze was, now shines the light of divine awareness.
I respect the penny, the little gifts in life and walk aware, alert and enthusiastic by saying: All is in divine order for this is my natural path in life. When I honor the penny, I enjoy the dollars -- my inner wealth.

-Dr Ellen Jermini