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GIST - July 2002 Issue
Invisible -- Seen Only By Good


     WE LIVE ON a planet of enchantment. As we open our eyes to the magic of the world, its excitement becomes a living reality for us. The most fun of all is when we get a glimpse of the invisible side of life. The greatest joy is when we tune into an inner awareness which only we can see and know.

On Being Invisible

     WHAT DOES IT mean to be invisible? Good question! All of us are invisible from time to time. If we would stop to think about it we are invisible most of the time.
     We are only conscious of things when we "think" about them. We are unaware of everything most of the time. Should we ask ourselves if we were aware of what our friends wore as clothing, we would be at a loss to say. Should we be asked what vehicles were parked in front of our home, we would be hard put to remember them, large as they are and ever-present as they are almost every day. We did not see them because they were invisible to us; they were invisible to the world, until someone actually looked at them and decided that they were present where we saw them.
     We think being invisible is lots of fun because who we are and what we do would not be seen by others -- any others. What is incapable by nature of being seen when it is in obvious appearance? These are things that are not noticed even though they are solidly there. Sometimes a familiar face is so common no one notices it and it joins the list of being invisible.
     Though it may be defined as being invisible, things that are hidden from view, things that are imperceptible or inconspicuous are very much present, are very much there to be seen, touched, tasted, sensed and heard. Why then is it that they are invisible to the viewer, why are they not known to others who live on the very same planet, in the very same world -- why, because they do not attract attention to themselves.
     It is common knowledge that little children see beings that no one else can see or are aware of. Children enjoy the magic of the planet because they are not yet jaded to the self-made human rules which seemingly govern living on this planet including gravity and all atmosphere’s viscisstudes. Children are not herded into the limitations of living in this controlled ambience which subtly maneuver adults.
     If we were able to keep our consciousness free of the relative life about us, we would be invisible to all life from which we choose to be invisible. Living in this purity of consciousness, living in this sacred awareness that we are one as all, yet that we are ONLY ONE! We are the only beings on the face of the Earth. We are alone. We create other beings around us, but these other beings are aware of us if we choose them to be aware of us. These creations which fill our universe are our creation and hence exist to do our bidding and they are aware or not of us as we choose to have them be aware.
     The purity of beingness demanded for this expression of life is one absolute, innocent, offenseless, impeccable, childlike, unknowing, unconscious and unaware.
     A consciousness of such magnificence soars beyond all appearances and all limitations. 
     Few have ever seen the Unicorn because its nature and immortality are impeccable and incorruptible. Its existence is so wonderful it is seldom seen. The innocent see these spotless ones, but in seeing them do not remember that they saw these wondrous ones. They are not remembered -- not because they are not there, but -- because all is a pure reflection of them.
     Globally humans living on their divine awareness plane play with the guileless of their very nature. These divine expressions are unaware that they are gifted and blessed with the sense and reality of a vision which extends far beyond what humans normally know. However, it is not a surprise to the naïve ones because the purity is their reflection and the view they behold is not unusual in the slightest.
     Why mention Unicorns -- a Unicorn is a creature of mythology. It is a creature of the imagination living invisible to most of humanity and playing in a world of magic and excitement. The Unicorn does not find it strange that it lives eternally. It does not find it unusual that it has no appetite, no normal blood and bodily fluids and actions. It does not find it strange that it thinks with a ponderable mind and understands with wisdom beyond any understanding known to humanity.
     This creature stands invisible in our very presence. This creature with its purest of coat, its horn of hair and its character of gold blessing the entire universe. It is a reflection of those who are themselves purest gold and silver beyond measure. 
     A young man who distained clothing, went to school for weeks at Stanford University in Berkley wearing only his books and no one noticed he had no clothing on. He sat in class with the other students. He ate with them in the commons. He went to his dorm, to class and even into the village, and was not noticed that he was without clothing. Ultimately the novelty of his invisible clothing was seen and he was ordered to cease and desist and wear clothing to classes. He truly was invisible in the highest sense of the word.
     How often have we walked through life invisible? We had our minds and thoughts elsewhere. As an absentminded professor, we were living on another dimension of consciousness. 
     Laugh we may, but the Unicorns are all about us. Snicker if we will, but we see but a tiny portion of what goes on about us. We are blind to the world about us; we are blind to even ourselves and our loved ones. 
My recommendation is not that we awaken, but that we enjoy our invisibility even more -- and consciously. 
     Invisibility is not something to be thought amusing, however amusing it may be when we are alert to "its" daily presence in every area of our world.
It is not by chance that a Unicorn graces the logo of this column. Look at it carefully, perhaps you will see yourself there, I know I am there.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle