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GIST - July 2002 Issue
The Art Of Being Heard Is To Listen

Herb       I LIKE IT WHEN people stop and listen when I talk. I do a lot of talking and I have a lot of people listen to me. Some do it with respect and others do it with deep interest while yet others are amused at the topics I speak on and the manner in which I speak on such a topic.
       One thing I am very definite about and that is the role of the practitioner.
       For me we are all practitioners. We are all ministers. We are all human beings. We are all divine beings. We are all masters right now.
       I spend a lot of time listening to others. I listen to every word they say. I presume that every word they speak is a word of belief, a word of expectation, and a word of conviction to their choice. So it is often a surprise to me what someone says that they are ill or in lack. I say to them, "Have more of it!" and they are not amused at me.
       At all times I presume that what people tell me is what they want to experience. I see them blessed enjoying what they say of themselves. 
However, there are times that I smile and take my hands from my ears and say to my friends, "What do you want me to think and do on your behalf? I see you living your creation and enjoying every minute of it." They argue.
But when they quiet down they agree to accentuate the positive and experience the positive.
       So I tell them what they have said to me and because I use the same enthusiasm they use, they say, "No, no, no, not that!" And then we get on the road to what they really want and it is done.
       First I listen carefully (even with my ears closed) and then I respond to what they have in their hearts and healing takes place.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle